The Help

Chapters 18 to 21 Discussion Questions for The Help Read-Along

Here’s the next set of discussion questions for The Help Read-Along.

1. Minny has often been hard on Celia, calling her a fool and lazy. Yet after Minny believes she has been fired, she finds herself going back to Celia’s house to beg for her job back. Do you feel this is more because Minny needs the money to support her family, or because she cares more for Celia than she thought? Provide evidence from Minny’s narrative to support your opinion.

2. After Celia suffers a huge personal loss (miscarriage), Minny discovers that her impression of Celia has been truly wrong since the beginning. Instead of being lazy, Celia believed that if she didn’t get up and move around, the baby would not be lost. Instead of drinking alcohol, she was drinking a tonic she believed would help the baby grow. How has Minny changed since working for Celia instead of Hilly?

3. Skeeter lives in a time of change for the United States. She references the lunar landing as well as the addition of an air cooler into their home. Though times are technologically advanced for Skeeter’s society, they are still behind in regards to civil rights. Which of the two advancements do you think are more important to the survival of humanity, and why?

4. Stuart’s father is a politician who appears to have very different beliefs than what he practices in his day job. He is obviously an influential man, but what would the consequences be for him and his family if he voiced his true feelings?

5. As much as Skeeter tries not to get caught up in society’s little social games, she appears to be pretty impressed by Stuart’s pedigree. At the same time, she is not accurately representing herself because she is still hiding her personal beliefs from Stuart. If/when Stuart finds out about what Skeeter is really writing, will he be able to look past it? Is Skeeter any better than Stuart’s former girlfriend?

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