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Title: Our Daily Bread

Author: Lauren B. Davis

My Review:

This book was difficult to read, but that was only because of the subject matter. The very first chapter the reader is exposed to the terrible conditions of the mountain, and though Lauren Davis does an amazing job at avoiding being graphic there is no doubt what is happening to the poor children of the Erskine clan.

I was a little nervous after that first chapter. I didn’t know if my heart could handle the rest of the book, but thankfully the angst was limited to a few chapters at the beginning and the last few chapters of the book.

I found Albert to be a fascinating character. The struggle he felt on a daily basis to break free and search for a better life while staying convinced that there was nothing better out there for him was tangible. I wanted to cheer him on, convince him he was better than the family that he came from.

I loved Dorothy, and I think the reason the book has the impact that it does is because of her. In a town full of gossips and religious zealots, Dorothy manages to stay true to herself. To me, she is the the lesson we need to learn from this book. It’s important that we don’t judge others based on their circumstances. She had hope for Albert and she never fought it. And even though at the end of the book there was only a handful of lives that were changed for the better through this experience, it still had impact. One person can make a huge difference.

The last chapter left me needing to hold my children, keep them safe. I actually went in and pulled them out of bed to help soothe my aching heart. This book is powerful and I honestly don’t know how Lauren Davis managed to write it. I’m sure her own heart was breaking throughout the entire process. I would definitely recommend it, but with the caution that it will make you cry.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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