Book Review | Flightless Goose

Title: Flightless Goose

Author: Eric D. Goodman

My Review:

Flightless Goose is about a goose named Gilbert who loves being a goose. He plays games, eats bread, swam, and ran. Until he gets hit by a car and is unable to fly. He is forced to deal with the jokes from the other geese, and when he can’t fly south for the winter he is forced to develop some new skills.

This is an adorable book. My little girls were enthralled with the illustrations and they loved pointing out all the fun things that Gilbert the goose was doing. They particularly liked watching all the geese playing together and being silly.

As a mother, I liked the message behind the story. Unfortunately, kids can be cruel. If a peer is different, they will point it out. If a child can’t do things as well as the other kids, he or she will be made fun of. It’s a sad truth that I wish wouldn’t happen. This book attempts to tackle that issue.

When Gilbert is left behind he is lonely, and cold. He takes up running to pass the time and to strengthen his legs so he can keep up with the other geese that can fly. Gilbert becomes a very fast runner. So fast, he is able to save the day at the end of the book. He realizes that in all the ways that count he is like the other geese. He can still swim, run, and play with them. But in one very special way, he is unique.

Kids are sponges. They pick up on things faster than we can even comprehend. The message of Flightless Goose is one that all kids should learn and this book presents it in a way that is fun and easy for them. All parents should have this one in their collection.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*



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