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Uppityshirts Review

Father’s Day is fast approaching. The date this year is Sunday June 19th, 2011. Do you have a dad that is hard to buy for? Or even a friend, co-worker or relative that has a unique sense of humor? I have the perfect place for you to shop online. has some of the most amazing shirts I have seen. They are for that person in your life that has the type of sense of humor that comes from the school of higher learning. A perfect example of this would be my husband. I can’t disclose his occupation as he tries to stay as anonymous as one can with a wife that blogs. I will say that he has many years of school under his belt and has a propensity to correct the grammar of any and all who dares to besmirch the English language within his hearing range. I was fortunate enough to order the shirt called “I’d rather be grammatically correct.” The shirt I ordered was a black t-shirt with white lettering in a size x-large. I received my order, exactly as ordered, in a few short days.

My hubby and I have 7 children and the prospect of giving my hubby a shirt that I felt was so perfect for him had me a bit overzealous. I had our young ones sit with him and we made a big deal about him opening it. I was very impressed with the wrapping of the shirt. Whether wraps all orders like mine, I don’t know, but the shirt was wrapped in plain brown craft paper and tied with cotton twine and a very cool tag adorning the company’s logo attached. I was very impressed by this; it was a nice added touch. My hubby opened the shirt and we all thought it was very nice, especially since it was such a nice quality of cotton. Now, I wish I could tell you my hubby took one look at his shirt and jumped up and down and picked me up off the floor and thanked me for the most perfect shirt ever. Instead, he opened it and read it with a confused look on his face. He just did not get the meaning at all. We had to explain to him that some men could wear “I’d rather be fishing” shirts, but he gets the “I’d rather be grammatically correct” shirt, because he is constantly correcting all of us. It took him a minute and he agreed that it was a nice shirt. Now the funny thing is, my son who is just like his dad, loves to correct people but is not as tactful as his dad, took one look at the shirt and said “I WANT THAT!” The same son had to point out to me that it is not grammatically correct to use all capitals in a sentence. In hind sight, I guess I should have bought it for the teenager. The shirt was a big hit in our house. Sometimes it works to give someone a gift that everyone around the person understands and knows it is perfect, even if the recipient doesn’t get it!

If you have someone in your life that you really need an out of the ordinary gift for, is your place. They not only have shirts that are very witty, they have games, canned desserts and some other novelty items as well. All items are geared towards that person with that witty sense of humor. You will want to visit their blog also; the family running is quite hilarious. Go on over and take a peek for yourself. I have no hesitation telling you that I am sure your experience with will be a pleasant and worthwhile visit.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. This giveaway is not related to Facebook in any way. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


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