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Teifoc Review

My son loves to build and one of his favorite past time activities is his Teifoc® building set. Teifoc Brick and Mortar Construction Building Kits are made in Germany of the highest quality 100% natural brick building kits. It is designed to teach children ages 6 and up about the basics of building using brick and mortar.

We recently added a new building set to his Teifoc® collection, the 2 House Brick Construction set and my son was extremely excited to start building. This set has over 110 bricks and slates and includes cement, a bowl with masonry trowel and a board to construct it on. The bricks are made of cooked clay and the mortar is made out of 100% natural sand and corn extract. What I love most is that once the initial building is complete, the bricks can be soaked in water and then rebuilt again for days of continued fun. I particularly like that Teifoc® building sets are not only entertaining but educational too. In addition, it is the one toy that my husband volunteers to help the kids play with so it promotes their quality father and son bonding time and builds lasting memories for our family. I appreciate that the kits are affordable and in fact the 2 House Brick Construction set is only $39.99 which is a real bargain for the quality and durability of the pieces.

If you ask my six year old son to name his top five toys of all time, he will consistently put Teifoc® at the top of the list. Teifoc® Brick and Mortar Construction Building Sets would make a fantastic summer toy idea for any little builder or construction worker.

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