Simply Stacie Goes To Hollywood | I’m Packed and Almost Ready to Go!

I am a last minute packer; I always have been. Tomorrow afternoon I’m leaving for sunnier skies and warmer weather (I hope!), but looking at the weather predictions it seems I might be taking some of our temperamental Utah conditions with me.

So what am I bringing with me, you ask? Well, I got to do one of my favorite things ever in preparation for this trip: shopping! I’ll be bringing with me lots of new clothing and a new pair of shoes to wear on the red carpet, as well as all of the essentials.

Almost all of my clothes are packed now, including my Red Carpet dress! I absolutely cannot wait to show you all what it looks like. I hope you like it as much as I do!

I’ve also been busy playing around with some of the products I’ve been mailed for review that I’ll be using on this trip: swim wear from DivinitaSole, Kymaro products, a Sibu body and face bar, Skindinävia makeup finishing spray, and body wrap products from the Sheer Iridesscent line. (I’ll also be giving these products a full review when I get back from my trip, so look for them!)

I’m mostly packed up now, except for my computer, carry-on items, and the things I can’t pack until I use them tomorrow morning (hair dryer, pouf, straightening iron, and contact solution, and some makeup).

If you’d like to keep tabs on me and see where I am when I’m there, feel free to follow me on Twitter. I’ll be emailing Stacie posts as often as I can, so make sure you check back often for those full reports!

* Disney & DreamWorks is providing me with an all-expenses paid trip. Opinions expressed are my own.*


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