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I’m now sitting in the black chairs looking out onto the runway in my Delta terminal. I left my apartment around 12:30pm so that I would have enough time to check my bags and get through security. A lot of things have changed in the 2 years since I last flew. I haven’t flown on Delta since I was a child, so this is going to be a new experience for me, as if I’d never flown with them before. I have–I just don’t remember anything except for the wings pin I was given, and holding my huge stuffed dragon on my lap (a prize I won at the Excalibur in Las Vegas) all the way back to Chicago. Thanks to modern technology, fliers can now get their boarding passes emailed or sent to them in a text message. I had it sent to as a text message, and then couldn’t find it when I was checking my email for it when my husband dropped me off. I had a mini panic session as I searched through all of my emails trying to find my reservation number so I could print off a boarding pass, and it was there in my texts all along. Another cool, new feature is that you can pay before you even get to the airport if you are checking a bag. I’m so very glad I chose to do this because of the long lines at security.

Getting through security felt like an eternity, but in reality it probably took no more than 15-20 minutes for me to make it to the front of the line. I took my cues from the people who went through before me on what to do with my laptop. I’ve flown with one before and had it as my carry-on, but I don’t remember what I did with it going through security. I took it out of its carrying case since that is what the girl before me did, though I wasn’t happy about it. I write to you from an Apple MacBook Air, and I have only had it since December. Needless to say, I’m very protective of it; this is the nicest computer I have ever had the pleasure of owning.

Though my stomach is a bundle of butterflies, I managed to eat some lunch at Sbarro, but if I had known that there was a California Pizza Kitchen in this airport, I would have gone there instead. I also made sure to get a Cinnabon since there is nowhere other than the SLC International Airport for me where I can get one. The pizza was unfortunately disgusting, and I only managed to eat about half of it before I tossed it. I have my Cinnabon still, and plan on eating it while in the air.

I spent a little time checking out some of the shops in the airport, but didn’t buy anything. It made me smile a little to see that the bookstores in here now sell Kindles. It definitely beats toting around 4-5 books while on a trip. Since I read pretty quickly, I always had about that many books with me–sometimes more. Usually I didn’t finish all of them while at the airport (why would I do that if I have free Wi-Fi in the airport?).

Never in my life have I experienced a flight delay, but it looks like my 3:05 flight is now scheduled to take off at 3:45 instead. Guess I’d better go make a phone call to Marshall, our host for this long weekend!

* Disney & DreamWorks is providing me with an all-expenses paid trip. Opinions expressed are my own.*


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