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Sheer Aqua Review

As a young girl first getting interested in make-up, I didn’t have a role model to guide me through the techniques to apply great looking make-up. My mom never wears make-up and had no interest in it, so anything I tried to replicate was something I’d seen in a magazine. I got my first make-up products at the age of 13 from my grandmother, who chose a really bright blue eyeshadow, bright pink lipstick, and brown mascara (which was actually eyeliner, but I didn’t discover that until later). I love my grandma, but I really have to wonder why those colors. They made me look like Mimi from “The Drew Carey Show”!

As I got older, I browsed more magazines, looked at how other girls were doing their make-up, and frequented beauty counters for application advice and makeovers. I’m still not able to do quite the artistic masterpiece on my own face that the girls at the beauty counter can do, but at least I know better than to wear blue eyeshadow and bright pink lipstick (unless it’s an 80s Night party!).

I love trying out new kinds of make-up, so I was very excited to work with Sheer Aqua products. I was sent a few samples based on my hair color and skin color to try, and I have been trying to hone my skills at applying these products. I’ve dabbled with mineral make-up powder in the past, but I could never quite get the hang of it, so I wanted to try again.

Here are the samples I was sent:

Mineral Foundation: ($23.00 for 2 g.) The mineral foundations come in different shades identified by women’s names, like Jenny or Connie. A little bit goes a long way; apply too much and it will be obvious you are wearing foundation. I’m not 100% convinced I’m wearing the right shade for my skin tone, but it’s pretty close. One of the things I like most about the mineral foundation is that it includes sunscreen (no need to grease up my face when taking Zoe outside!) and will keep my skin from looking oily.

Mineral Radiant Blush: ($23.00 for 2 g.) I have to be really careful with blush. My cheeks are naturally rosy, so generally I don’t even bother with blush. When I do, I prefer it to be a lighter color and I use it very, very, very sparingly. I am amazed by all the various shades of blush that Sheer Aqua has to offer! The shade I was sent was a littler darker than I’d prefer, but I was happy to try it and add a bit more color to my cheeks.

Mineral Eyeshadow: ($13.00 for 0.5 g.) One of the things I love the most about mineral eyeshadow is how easy they are to blend! And if Sheer Aqua does not offer a color you are interested in, try mixing a few of the powders together to get the color that you want.

Mineral Sheer Radiance: ($23.00 for 2 g.) My first experience using this product wasn’t the best. First of all, I was sent a tester marked Dolce, which is supposed to be the medium shade. On comparing it to the colors available for this product online, I think I was sent Warmth, which is the darkest shade. The Sheer Radiance should be lightly brushed over foundation or eyeshadow for glowing skin. I did this, but I looked much darker than I should have, as if I’d fake baked for far too long.

Body Shimmer: ($39.00 for 4 g.) I have a pretty uneven skin tone; I get insecure because my arms are blotchy and sometimes my chest gets that way, too. I dusted some of the Body Shimmer across my collarbone and my chest and loved the way it seemed to even that out. It’s a matter of finding the right color with this product, too.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


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