Q & A with Larry the Cable Guy

Mater has always been a favorite Cars character in our household, and it was no surprise to me when we met with Larry the Cable Guy that he was just as lovable and charming as Mater himself. “Aw, he’s just a good guy…he’s nice, he’s funny…everybody wants to hang around with him,” Larry said of his animated alter ego. Emily Mortimer, who was in the room with us at the same time, clearly had a blast working on Cars 2 based on her interactions with him during our meeting.

In the first Cars movie, Mater had a somewhat small part, but it really resounded with the audience. “I didn’t think it was mostly about Mater. I had no idea til I started reading the movie and I’m going, Hey…Mater’s in a lot of this movie,” Larry the Cable Guy said regarding the script of Cars 2.

Cars 2 involves Mater getting to see the world outside of Radiator Springs for the very first time. His inexperience in new surroundings gets him mixed up with some British spies, one of which is voiced by Emily Mortimer. When asked what he thought about Mater getting to play with guns, Larry said, “I thought it was…really different…in the process of doing it, the cooler and cooler it got!”

Cars 2 also introduces a female friend for Mater, British spy Holley Shiftwell, voiced by Emily Mortimer. Though Holley Shiftwell is more refined than Mater, they experience really similar situations. “We both get thrown into a situation that we’re not familiar with at all…they throw her into being a spy…” Larry says of their roles in the movie.

When asked what his favorite scene was in the movie, Larry the Cable Guy said, “I like the part were Mater…eats the Wasabi…more of that ice cream!” In another interview I read, Larry experienced wasabi in exactly the same way that Mater did, not realizing it would burn his mouth. I couldn’t stop laughing at this scene, because I related, too. I avoid wasabi at all costs!

*Disney provided me with an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles for a screening of Cars 2 and to interview some members of the cast and crew.


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