Q & A with Cars 2 Producer Denise Ream

While in LA for the premiere of Cars 2, the mommy bloggers and I were given the opportunity to meet and talk with Cars 2 Producer Denise Ream. Denise has lived in LA for her entire life, and actually had a very different career path in mind for herself. “I graduated with a degree in English literature…I was thinking of going to law school,” she told us when asked about what led to her role with Pixar.

Her love of stories and wanting to be able to create them eventually led her to pursue a career in film. “ I graduated from UC Berkeley, moved back to Los Angeles and literally started at the bottom,” Ream said. It didn’t take too long after her humble start to realize where she wanted to go with her role in the film industry.

Prior to working at Pixar, Denise Ream worked at Industrial Lights & Magic (a division of LucasFilm Ltd.) in Visual Effects for Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith and Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Ream decided that animation was where she truly wanted to be because everything about it is entirely created from scratch. At Pixar, UP was the first feature film she worked on in the role as Associate Producer. In 2008, the Cars 2 project was started. “I threw my name in the hat…largely because my…youngest niece was just crazy for Cars,” Ream said of her role as Producer with Cars 2.

As Producer, Denise Ream oversees things such as budgeting, scheduling, obtaining resources, casting, and recruiting the composer. She is essentially Director John Lasseter’s partner, and is the glue that holds projects together.

Though Denise Ream doesn’t have children of her own, she is the doting aunt of 5 children. Like every other person we had the pleasure of meeting on this trip, family is important to Ream. “I’m bringing my entire family; my mother, my sister and brother and all my nieces and nephews,” Denise said in regards to the Cars 2 Premiere, which took place at the El Capitan Theatre.

When we met Denise, we had already seen Cars 2 and were wondering if another Cars movie was in the works. Though nothing is currently slated, Reams is hopeful. “it wouldn’t surprise me because these characters are so beloved…[Cars] is the movie that I’m asked most about by kids,” she says.

Cars 2 is in theatres nationwide on Friday, June 24th in 3D.

*Disney provided me with an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to see Cars 2 and participate in interviews with the cast and crew of Cars 2.*


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