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Flixlab Review

Do you have hundreds of photos on your iPhone that never see the light of day? At last check, I had 624 and that is after purging the photos from the first year of owning the phone. Flixlab has just come out with a new app that lets you make movies out of your photos and videos on your iPhone. On their website they have two movies labeled “made in seconds.” They are not kidding!

I downloaded this app on my older iPhone 3G. It’s a bit flaky these days but still does the job. From start of installation to saving the movie took maybe 5 minutes! It’s super-intuitive to use. You pick the photos, you pick the transition options from a list, add music and voila – Finished! You can save them to your phone (if you have the iPhone 4) or save them to your Facebook profile. Saving them to Facebook allows you to show your cute kiddos to friends and family and no one else, unlike YouTube.

One thing I did note was that if you had DRM music you couldn’t use it in your movie, so use tunes purchased off Amazon or ripped yourself if you want to select your own songs – no iTunes purchases. Also, I couldn’t just save the movie to my phone, most likely because it doesn’t support video. I can’t wait to make DH install this on his phone so that I can have access to the fun movies he’s got squirreled away on his phone.

It’s so much easier to use Flixlab on your iPhone than to get out the camcorder (which is NEVER charged) and have to find the cables to transfer the movies to the computer & upload on YouTube to share. All you have to do is select the photos/videos, add fade, music and save. Takes less than 5 minutes. Even *I* can find 5 minutes!

And the best part? It’s free!! Download it today and see how easy it is to use and share your great photos with family & friends!

How to use Flixlab and post a movie for the bonus entry:

1. Download Flixlab (free) on your iPhone/iPod by clicking here:, or just search Flixlab on the App Store.

2. Open up Flixlab and login with Facebook.

3. Tap “Make a movie” and follow the onscreen instructions to add video, pictures, and music.

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