Cars 2 Soundtrack Review

In my opinion, Pixar movies feature some of the greatest musical compositions ever written for film. The music tells as much of a story as the animation does, and so it was a huge delight to be gifted with a complimentary copy of the Cars 2 soundtrack on our last day in Los Angeles.

Michael Giacchino, an Oscar- and Grammar-winning composer, teams up with musical talent from across the globe to create a powerful and exciting combination of music from Rock N’ Roll to Japanese pop. This is Giacchino’s 4th score for Pixar; he composed the music for The Incredibles, Up, and Ratatouille in addition to Cars 2.

My favorite song on this album is Weezer’s cover of You Might Think (1984 hit pop song), originally written and performed by The Cars. I literally couldn’t stop wiggling in my theatre seat while this song set the scene for Lightning McQueen and Mater arriving in Japan. This song was also playing as our group made its way into the entrance of the premiere after party. You Might Think has been playing on repeat now that I’ve listened to the soundtrack once all the way through. I have no intentions of switching to another song anytime soon; that is how much I love this song!

I should also mention that despite not being much of a fan of country music, I was utterly charmed by Brad Paisley’s Find Yourself, which was featured in Cars. I couldn’t stop the tears from welling up in my eyes as we watch Route 66 in its hey day become forgotten over time. It never fails to pull an emotional response out of me every time I see it, even if I’m only just walking into the room and the movie is playing for my daughter.

For Cars 2, Brad Paisley is back with two more brand new songs that are sure to appeal to fans of Find Yourself and Behind the Clouds from Cars. In Collision of Worlds, Brad Paisley teams up with Robbie Williams to write and perform a country/rock n’ roll duet that just blew my mind. This song plays during the end credits, so make sure that you don’t leave the theatre so you can hear this song.

Nobody’s Fool, written and performed by Brad Paisley, is Mater’s song. In Cars 2, Mater begins to see himself through others’ eyes, and it is just a really heartbreaking moment when he realizes that he is seen as nothing more than a fool. What I love about Mater the most is that he is comfortable in his own skin, and loves himself for who he is.

Since we spend a bit of time in Tokyo in Cars 2, there is a catchy Japanese pop tune called Polyrhythm performed by the girl band Perfume. This song is playing during the World Grand Prix gala that Lightning McQueen and Mater attend together. It’s fun, upbeat, and will have audiences smiling and tapping their fingers to the music. I’d love to hear this one in a dance club. I don’t dance, but I just might if this song is playing!

In addition to composing the score, Giacchino wrote a song in French called Mon coeur fait vroum, which translates as “My Heart Goes Vroom”. A French singer and songwriter named Bénebar lends his vocal talents to this song as we are introduced to Lightning McQueen and Mater arriving in Paris. This is exactly the style of music I would picture hearing while sitting outside enjoying a hot beverage at a French café.

The music in this film really accentuates all of the visuals, and it’s terrific to listen to on its own. (And in case anyone’s wondering, yes, I’m still listening to the Weezer song as I write this!) This is easily my new favorite film soundtrack. My daughter is sitting next to me on the couch bouncing back and forth, enjoying the music. I can’t wait to see her face as we watch the movie for the first time together and she recognizes the music.

*Disney generously provided me with a copy of the Cars 2 Soundtrack. I was not compensated for this post, and all opinions in this music review are my own.*


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