Cars 2 Red Carpet Premiere and After Party

Have you ever wondered if a Red Carpet event is exactly like it’s portrayed in movies, with thousands of people lining the streets, shiny black cars pulling up with the big stars in them, and the paparazzi shouting their names in hope they’ll throw a smile their way for a photograph?

I’ve been there, and I can tell you it’s exactly like that. For the Cars 2 premiere, we got to walk on the actual carpet while cameras flashed all around us taking photos of the big stars of the movie: Owen Wilson, Emily Mortimer, and Larry the Cable Guy. The carpet wasn’t exactly “red”, but it had red in it. To channel the spirit of the movie, the creative minds behind this event made the carpet into a race track, and it looked amazing! The mommy bloggers and I walked on the far right of the carpet so the talent behind this movie and the other stars in attendance could get in the spotlight. We saw an actress from The Wizards of Waverly Place and also talent from Shake It Up.

When we got inside the El Capitan Theatre where the movie was being shown, things were a bit less chaotic. Some of us discreetly hung out in the lobby area hoping to see some stars, and I do have to admit I wanted to see Wilmer Valderrama, so I smoothly (I hope, anyway!) walked past him because I “needed a soda”. I would have loved to get a photo with him, but he was with family and I didn’t want to intrude and ruin the experience for them. I will say he is just as handsome in person as he is in movies, though!

Inside the theatre, there is an amazing organ player who treated us to beloved musical compositions from some of my favorite movies, including The Little Mermaid. I couldn’t help with sing and dance around to the tunes. I also used the opportunity while lights were still on to glance around and see where everyone was sitting. Just in the next section over, we could see the talent from the movie, including Larry the Cable Guy, Owen Wilson, and the beautiful Emily Mortimer, who looked stunning in a floor length green gown with heels.

All too quickly, the movie was ready to begin. The curtains opened, which was a magical performance all in itself. The 3D glasses were put on, and PIXAR’s magic was unveiled…

I could write pages and pages about everything that happened next when we made our way to the Premiere After-Party. Instead, I’m going to share some footage of the event and then some pictures that all of us bloggers took while there. Thank you to my dad for finding this clip and e-mailing it to me.

As you can see from the video, it was set up kind of like a carnival. There were rides, food stands, car painting, and even a car museum. I would have loved going down that curvy, twisty slide, but I decided to go a bit dressy for the premiere:

Photo credit: Louise Bishop

We weren’t anticipating the party would be held outside, but the organizers of the event truly thought of everything. We were provided with “mufflers” upon entering, and you see me with it wrapped around my shoulders here:

Photo Credit: Samantha Fisher

One of my favorite things about this after party was getting to feel like I was in the actual movie. Especially with this incredible scenery:

Photo Credit: Louise Bishop

Getting to see Cars 2 in Los Angeles at such a famous movie theatre is quite possibly the coolest thing I have ever gotten to do–and the After Party was just as incredible! I loved every minute of this experience!

*Disney provided me with an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles to attend the Cars 2 Red Carpet Premiere and After Party.*


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