Audiences Start Your Engines…The Race is On to see Cars 2 in 3D starting June 24th!

Synopsis: After winning his 4th consecutive Piston Cup (now re-named the Hudson Hornet Memorial Piston Cup in honor of Doc), Lightning McQueen is heading back home to Radiator Springs, anxious to see his girlfriend, Sally, and his best friend, Mater. Though he plans on taking a break from racing for awhile, Mater ropes Lightning into racing in the world’s first World Grand Prix race to determine the world’s fastest car. The catch: all the cars must race using Miles Axelrod’s new fuel, Allinol.

Once Mater and Lightning arrive in Tokyo, Mater shows off his inexperience in new situations and embarrasses Lightning, causing a brief rift in their friendship. Beginning to think he is worthless, Mater gets his opportunity to shine when he is hilariously mistaken for an American spy.

My review: In 2006, audiences all over the world were introduced to a beloved cast of car characters and a charming little town called Radiator Springs. The hotshot race car Lightning McQueen learned the value of love, friendship, and finding out where he truly belonged. In 2011, audiences are reunited with beloved favorites Lightning McQueen (voiced by Owen Wilson), Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy), Sally (voiced by Bonnie Hunt), and the rest of the residents of Radiator Springs.

John Lasseter, the Director of Cars 2, has always wanted to incorporate spies and espionage into the Cars franchise, so there was never any other story idea for this sequel. Like the children ages 3-7 who first fell in love with Cars, the cast and the story in Cars 2 have also matured. Cars 2 is non-stop action, excitement, and humor from the first minute to the very last.

Since my 3-year-old daughter is obsessed with Cars, I am very excited to watch this movie with her. She loves Lightning McQueen and Mater most of all, and I am positive she will love that Cars 2 is really all about Mater.

From an adult’s perspective, Cars 2 is visually pleasing and incredibly detailed with its artistic renditions of Japan, Italy, France, and the UK. To ensure that the artists got everything right, they were sent to experience the cities you’ll see in Cars 2 for themselves. Watching the movie in 3D, I truly felt as if I were right there visiting these cities myself. This is a quality movie in every aspect, one which both children and adults can appreciate and will love watching over and over again to discover new things missed in the first viewing.

Cars 2 also introduces some amazing new characters, including Finn McMissile (voiced by Sir Michael Caine) and rookie field agent Holley Shiftwell (voiced by Emily Mortimer). Finn is one of the most exciting cars I’ve ever seen in these movies, complete with cool James Bond-style gadgets and cunning. Holley Shiftwell is a strong and capable first-time spy, using what she’s been taught in training and also using her wits when facing situations the manual didn’t cover. Like Sally, Holley is the perfect embodiment of a truly remarkable woman.

Though I’ve now seen the movie twice, I’m already planning a third trip to the theatre with friends (and maybe my daughter!), so I can be with them when they experience the creativity and magic that is Cars 2 for the first time.

Cars 2 is in theatres everywhere June 24th, 2011.

I found a clip of my absolute favorite Mater scene from Cars 2. Check it out!

*Disney & DreamWorks is providing me with an all-expenses paid trip. Opinions expressed are my own.*


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