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Teach Kids Responsibility with My Job Chart

My kid’s childhood’s are much different than mine was in the 80s. Technology has come a long way. In fact, I didn’t even own a computer until I was in my early 20s! Now my 12 year old daughter has a laptop and my 6 year old daughter can send emails.  We live in a digital world.

Technology has even enhanced our roles as parents providing us new and improved ways of raising our children. My Job Chart is a FREE online customizable chore chart system that is a valuable tool for teaching kids how to earn and manage money and be responsible. It’s a fun tool for both the children and the parents!

My Job Chart is not your regular chore chart that you hang on your wall and use stickers to track performance. Instead, it uses advanced technology to engage the child and motivate them to do their chores and understand how money works. It’s very easy for a parent to set up and customize based on the chores you want your child to complete. The parent also selects the point value of each chore and the prizes for the child to work towards. It also allows you to set up each child’s account separately based on their age and abilities. My 12 year old will be able to do different chores than her sister who is 6 and will prefer much different prizes.

When your child’s chores are completed or rewards or earned, parents will receive an email and have the option to reply to the message by writing a “post-it note” to give positive feedback to the child.

Check out this video and see My Job Chart in action!

Over 65,000 kids are currently using My Job Chart and there’s 400 more being added each day! It’s a system that’s easy to use and fun! Financial Expert Suze Orman even recommends it as one of her Money Minded Tools.

Visit My Job Chart today and try it out with your family!

*This post was brought to you by Mom Spark Media on behalf of My Job Chart. Opinions are my own.*

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