Simply Stacie Goes to Hollywood

On May 16th I woke up to an email that made me think I was dreaming. You see, the first thing I do when I get up in the morning is reach for my iPhone and check my emails on it. Because I’m a total zombie when I first wake up, I tend to misread emails or totally skip over the important ones. The email I’m referring to had this in the subject line: “Disney & DreamWorks Invite You to Los Angeles! 6/15-6/19”. You can totally understand why I thought I had to be dreaming, right?

And then I read the whole email…and shrieked. Before I even asked my husband if he was okay with me jetting off in a Boeing 737 for 4 days, I said, “I’m going to Hollywood!” I can’t remember what exactly he said after that, but I’m sure it was something along the lines of, “yeah, don’t you wish.” So then I read the email aloud to him and continued shrieking. A few minutes later I had his consent (somehow, I don’t think he thought this was really going to happen for me, so he said yes because he thought it was safe).

Then I rushed downstairs and wrote Stacie this response: “OMG. YES!!!” I paced back and forth throughout the rest of the day after emailing our host for this super long weekend thinking this was somehow all a big joke.

This is so not a joke, people.

I’m going to HOLLYWOOD!!!!

If I had a bucket list (which I don’t have because I’m only 28, but maybe when the big 3-0 hits I’ll write one through mascara stained cheeks), a Hollywood vacation would definitely be in the top 5. My grandparents grew up in Hollywood. My grandmother’s father was hunting buddies with Clark Gable. He picked her up from her Catholic school one day. My grandmother loved Clark Gable. So much that she lied to my great-grandfather and went to see Gone with the Wind even though he had forbade it because Clark says “damn” in the movie. One of my grandfather’s best friends was Frankie Darro. I’m pretty sure there was a black and white photograph of Frankie that hung in my grandparents’ spare bedroom; I used to stare dreamily at it every time I slept in there because he was so handsome. Oh, and Gloria Swanson once changed my uncle’s diaper. There are also my dad’s stories of meeting Lucille Ball, my most favorite comedienne of all time. I still huff and puff every time he tells me that story. My dad’s great-uncle was Alvin Ganzer, a director who has a very long line of credits on IMDB. I’m told that those are only just a few of the many things that he worked on. Oh, the stories I have heard throughout my childhood.

So you see, Hollywood is in my blood. Not because I’ve had dreams of stardom (I am far too camera shy for that and I value privacy too much), but because Hollywood feels like Forever. When I finally get to see it with my own two eyes, it’ll be something I can share with my grandparents, even though they’ve been gone for many years now. It’s because of my grandparents that I have such an appreciation for classic movies and musicals, like Shirley Temple in The Little Princess and Jeanette MacDonald in Maytime. They didn’t have current movies in their home, only the ones they loved from their youth.

These 4 days are going to be so amazing. I will be getting to do one thing that I have always dreamed of doing. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am so ready for it. Now I just need something to wear…

Stay tuned for more on “Simply Stacie Goes to Hollywood”. I promise to share my itinerary with you in the next day or two. And I fully commit to blogging nightly from Hollywood with every single detail and tons of photos, too!

* Thanks to Disney & DreamWorks for the all-expenses paid trip.*


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