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Rafflecopter | A New Way to Enter Giveaways

I’ve been trying out a new software the last few days on a couple of my giveaways. I was a bit nervous at first, but I am loving Rafflecopter so far! It’s brand new and I’m one of the first blogs to be able to test it out.

Rafflecopter is a giveaway application with that helps bloggers to create, run and organize giveaways on their sites. You create an embeddable widget with all the important details of the giveaway (prize, start & end dates, entries, rules, etc) and paste the code into your post. The readers then enter on this form and I really like how fast and simple it is.  No more loading and re-loading the page to leave multiple comments…and no captcha either!

Some of the benefits Rafflecopters lists for publishers are:

  • Saves time because all giveaways are managed from one location (your Rafflecopter dashboard)
  • Selects your winner(s) at random
  • Identifying false entries  (My giveaways are still new so I haven’t had any end yet, but this aspect would be very helpful!)
  • Facebook Giveaways! It’s a third party app so it abides by Facebook Promotion Guidelines
  • You can write the tweet entry to include whatever hashtags or @ that you want
  • The main entry *must* be completed or it won’t let the person enter

Benefits for Entrants:

  • Simple and quick to enter
  • Your name and email doesn’t need to be filled out each time
  • Adds extra entries for you so there’s no need to leave 5 comments of the same thing (ie. 5 bonus entries for email subscribing)
  • Shows you if you follow on Facebook and if you don’t, it’s just a matter of clicking the like box.
  • No annoying captchas
  • After entering it will say “Done” even if you close out and go back at a later time

Here’s two of the current giveaways I have using Rafflecopter– one on my blog and the other on Facebook. Try them out and let me know what you think. Do you like it? Hate it? Don’t care? Let me know!

Also check out Just Married with Coupons’ interview of Greg Goodson, one of the founders of Rafflecopter!

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