Adding One Minute Daily to Your Life


It’s easy to lose track of time and get caught up in this technological world, where sitting on your butt consumes a lot of your time. When you think of exercise, don’t think of it in a negative context.

Remember: Start small, BUT be consistent.

If you don’t exercise regularly, start thinking about ways you could add any amount of exercise into your daily routine, even if it’s only one minute. I know this sounds like a very small amount of time, but if you think of it as only adding one minute, it sounds very doable every single day. Yes, we are all busy, but honestly we are all busy because we’ve made it a habit of rushing here or rushing there. You can make a minute available somewhere in your schedule.

For example, if you work on the fourth floor at your job, take the stairs up to the second floor and then ride the elevator the rest of the way. While at home, take one minute and walk up your side walk and walk back. Jog in place for one minute. Make a list of any simple steps you can do, to add a minute to enhance your life. Any small simple little change can make a world of difference. The key is to be consistent.

I remember having a desk job years ago. I’d usually park in the first row of spaces. I wanted to lose weight, but never seemed to make the time to exercise, because I was a busy working mom. My doctor advised me to buy a “walk counter” and to start parking in the third row, rather than in the first row as I normally did. The first couple of days were hard, because it was a habit for me to park in the first row, but I tried it out for an entire month and kept track of it in a journal.

To be honest, I didn’t really think it would have too much of an impact, but I was amazed at the results. I walked an extra 1410 steps from that one suggestion from my doctor within a 30-day span of time. I didn’t much change my eating habits too much, and I lost five pounds.

From that point on, I committed myself to using this method towards other parts of my life as well, like my relationships, with my kids, and quality time by myself. And of course, your one minute may extend to five or ten minutes, but whose counting, you enjoyed the time spent and glad you did it.

Just imagine what all the extra minutes you could use, to completely change your life.

Tinisha Johnson is a mother of two, an author, and founder of “Have Stress Relief Now” a site dedicated to providing content to aid growth to one’s life and relieving stress. You can learn more about Tinisha at her site: www.HaveStressReliefNow.com


Stacie Vaughan

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