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Desert Essence Review

The Desert Essence® beauty line is like a drink of moisture for my parched skin and dry hair. Desert Essence® has a wonderful collection of naturally based skin, hair and dental products, including organics and utilizes the “countless benefits of Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera.”

I noticed that my skin has really changed after having my children and it has never fully recovered. It is dry and irritated and I really need excellent products to address this beauty concern. Desert Essence® has really helped my dry skin with products in the Gentle Nourishing line. I was very impressed with the results I experienced with the Gentle Nourishing Organic Cleanser, Gentle Nourishing Day Cream with SPF 15, Gentle Nourishing Night Cream and the Organic Jojoba Oil.

The Gentle Nourishing Organic Cleanser for dry & sensitive skin contains Aloe Vera and cucumber to remove make-up and clean my face in the morning and again before bed. It does not contain sulfates, parabens, petroleum, dyes or fragrance to irritate my skin. I like that it comes in a convenient pump and a tiny amount really goes a long way. It has a fresh subtle scent derived from the natural ingredients and though my skin felt very clean and refreshed it was not dry at all. In fact, my facial skin actually felt hydrated and had a pretty glow.

After cleansing in the morning, I used the Desert Essence® Gentle Nourishing Day Cream with SPF 15. After a recent skin cancer scare, I am extremely vigilant about wearing sunscreen every day for extra protection so I appreciate that this product contains a naturally derived mineral sunscreen. This day cream is very moisturizing and absorbs effortlessly into my skin. I like that it contains Aloe Vera and Argan Oil (I love this ingredient!) which really offers extra support for the skin. When my skin is particularly dry and irritated it becomes red and burns……I have not experienced this at all since using Desert Essence® products!

In the evening, the Gentle Nourishing Night Cream for dry & sensitive skin is formulated to “revive dry, sensitive skin while you sleep.” It includes my personal favorite, Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil to provide fatty acids to the skin, Aloe and White Tea Extract. This powerful combination of natural products really left my skin feeling moist, soft and supple. Even my husband commented that my skin felt “baby soft” much to my delight.

I love to give my long, highlighted hair extra attention to keep it healthy and Desert Essence® Organic Jojoba Oil utilizes the natural plant extract to effectively provide deep moisturize to my skin and it sure did work! I applied a small amount of warm Organic Jojoba Oil to my hair and scalp, wrapped it in a towel and relaxed in the bath. After washing and rinsing, my hair was shiny, soft and my scalp was not dry or itchy. My four year old daughter has severe eczema and since I had such good results, I decided to add a few drops to her bath and then apply to her hair and scalp which was very irritated and I was thrilled that she said her skin “felt good and there is no more bad itchy.” This product also works to remove makeup and clean clogged pores. In my opinion this is such a versatile product with so many uses that I would recommend it for everyone.

Desert Essence® believes in “renewal for body, mind and spirit.” I appreciate the dedication to providing the highest quality natural beauty products as an alternative to chemical laden mass market beauty products. Every time I use Desert Essence®, it feels like I am giving a treat to my hair and skin and with prices this affordable, I can treat myself time and time again. You are invited to visit Desert Essence® to purchase any of the products from this review or to learn more about the entire collection.

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*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


Maureen is a SAHM who left the Corporate healthcare field to home educate her 6, 7 and 8 year old children. She is a voracious reader for both herself & her kids and also enjoys a natural and organic lifestyle. She lives in Orlando, Fl with her husband Mark, three children and 5 year old boxer, Jack.

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