Book Review | Hybrid

Title: Hybrid

Author: Dr. Brian O’Grady

My Review:

HYBRID, the new thriller by neurosurgeon, Dr. Brian O’Grady kept me awake well into the night as I devoured every word of this page turner. My mind wandered to the possibilities of the world’s most devastating viruses but one can only imagine the horrors of a virus that is not only lethal but evil too.

HYBRID is a novel that begins with Amanda Flynn who was the sole survivor of a mysterious new virus, EDH1 while in a Honduran camp. Those afflicted either suffered a gruesome death or became increasingly violent savages. Though Amanda is a survivor….she too has experienced changed. She is able to sense things and use her mind to do things too…..will she be able to resist the overwhelming urge to kill? As Amanda realizes that there is an outbreak of violent deaths now taking place in a Colorado town she senses that a mutated form of EDH1 has arrived in the United States. Then she discovers that there is another afflicted person lurking……an evil man whose mission is to destroy the entire human society and build a new world order. What are the full powers of the human mind…..can a virus unleash the power of telekinesis, telepathy and mind control?

This novel grabbed me from the first page and I just couldn’t stop reading. It is terrifying and intriguing and I was drawn to the author’s use of modern technology to give the plot a sense of realism. Dr. O’Grady is a debut novelist and HYBRID has been compared to the novels of the brilliant Michael Crichton. I admit that I initially thought of the Andromeda Strain when I too started reading this novel. I look forward to future works by this author and anticipate that HYBRID will be the first of many new thrillers to come……..

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


Maureen is a SAHM who left the Corporate healthcare field to home educate her 6, 7 and 8 year old children. She is a voracious reader for both herself & her kids and also enjoys a natural and organic lifestyle. She lives in Orlando, Fl with her husband Mark, three children and 5 year old boxer, Jack.

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