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Title: Between Here and ForeverChildren’s Death & Dying Books)

Author: Elizabeth Scott

My Review:

Abby has always lived in the shadow of her perfect older sister, Tess. She has grown used to being a disappointment in comparison to Tess. When Tess is involved in a car accident that puts her in a coma, Abby becomes even more invisible to those around her. And then Abby meets Eli, a perfect looking boy that would perfectly complement Tess. Abby gets it into her head that Eli can bring Tess out of her coma. Once Tess is awakened, Abby will then be able to live her life free of Tess.

As Abby tries to bring Eli and the comatose Tess together, she discovers that what she really wants is Eli. Afraid of rejection and of history repeating itself, Abby begins to push him away. Through getting to know Eli, Abby learns that everything isn’t always as it seems and learns that she isn’t the only one who keeps secrets or has insecurities. Maybe Abby doesn’t really know her sister as well as she thought she did, or anyone else.

Between Here and Forever is the second book I have read by Elizabeth Scott, who is becoming a must-read author for me. She captures sorrow, rage, and uncertainty so beautifully. I don’t have a sister of my own, but I could relate to Abby, who always feels that she can never be good enough in comparison to Tess. The range of emotions that Abby feels are so raw and believable. Abby may not always be likable, but for the most part she is brutally honest.

Though it’s more of a coming-of-age type story, there is also some mystery in Between Here and Forever. Scott drops vague hints throughout the beginning of the novel, and I was mostly able to figure out the secrets that Tess had been keeping from everyone. For Abby’s sake, I really wanted to hate Tess, even though how Abby felt about herself was not Tess’s fault. Tess never gets the chance to defend herself, but the reader gets to see both her strengths and vulnerabilities through Abby, Claire (the ex-best friend), and Beth (the college roommate). I loved getting to know Tess through many different people rather than being shown a more narrow point of view in the eyes of only one person.

In Between Here and Forever, Scott teaches us that no matter how well we think we know someone, there is always something hidden just a little bit deeper that no one else can touch. The only way that we can truly find happiness is to accept ourselves for who we are, and to never lose sight of what we really want.

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