Audio Book Review | The Bride Collector

Title: The Bride CollectorMystery Books)

Author: Ted Dekker

My Review:

Ted Dekker is a fascinating writer – he is a writer who is considered a “cross-over” writer because some consider his writing to be suspense fiction, others consider it paranormal fiction and some consider it to be a specialized type of Christian fiction. Whatever you consider his writing to be, I’ve been a fan of his books for many years. About a year ago, Stacie mentioned that she was reading The Bride Collector and that she was enjoying it, so I pleasantly surprised when a copy of The Bride Collector on audiobook appeared at my door!

The Bride Collector is a pretty disturbing book – it isn’t for the faint of heart! The story involves a serial killer, dubbed “The Bride Collector”, who murders women, drains their blood and then hangs them on walls. Brad Raines, an FBI agent, has been called in with his colleagues to investigate the serial murders and try to track down the Bride Collector.

As Raines and his team race against time to find the killer, they are lead to an interesting place – the Centre for Wellness and Intelligence. This institution houses individuals with mental illnesses who are also considered unique and talented. At the Centre, Raines encounters a motley crew of characters who want to help him find the killer, including a gentle and intuitive young woman named Paradise.

As Raines faces his demons, deals with an unexpected blow as the Bride Collector makes the battle personal and examines his emerging feelings for Paradise, his drive to face a final showdown with the Bride Collector intensifies.

Will Brad be able to beat the Bride Collector? And what is motivating the Bride Collector to murder all of these women?

I really enjoyed this audiobook – I thought that plot was creative and unlike any other story I had ever encountered. I liked the characters and I found myself rooting for Brad Raines and Paradise because I thought for certain they would fall in love by the end of the book! It was an interesting book to listen to as the narrator (who is male) did an excellent job in terms of making me believe all of the character’s roles he was reading. I think anyone who enjoys an interesting and engaging (and creepy) story will like The Bride Collector!

*I received no compensation for this review. I received a copy of the book to read and evaluate. The opinions expressed are my own and have not been influenced in any manner.*



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