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The Pixelista Review | My New Look

If you have visited my site before, then you may have noticed it looks a little different around here. I’ve done a complete overhaul thanks to Jessica at The Pixelista!

In the past few weeks, I’ve made several upgrades in my webhosting and made the transition from shared server to the VPS (Virtual Private Server). I was ready for a change in my blog identity and wanted to freshen things up…change is good right? I was approached last month by Jessica at The Pixelista asking if I would be interested in her designing me a new Full Brand Identity. I knew of her work already and seen her online courses so I know she knew her stuff and was extremely talented. Of course, I said “heck ya, of course!”. It turned out awesome and I couldn’t be more happy with my new look!

The Pixelista’s Full Brand Identity that I received includes:

Blog Design ($300 Value)

  • Favicon
  • Button
  • Signature
  • Social Media Icons
  • Sponsor Section
  • Drag N’ Drop Navigation Menu Builder (with drop down capability)
  • Character Illustration
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • State of the Art WordPress Security

Social Media Customization ($100 Value)

Jessica sent me over the WordPress Questionnaire for me to fill out to get all my information about domain, hosting, and as well to find out what I was looking for in terms of design. I wanted to keep with my Pink and Brown theme since that’s been my thing since I started and is still my favourite colour combo. I knew she offered Custom Character Illustration so I thought it would be cute to have one of myself. I told her what I looked like and I had the option of sending her a pic of me. I barely have any good ones of me so I just gave her my general description.

My old theme was WP Ellie by Solostream, but Jessica works with Studiopress and I had heard great things about their themes. They use the Genesis Framework and then you can decide which one of the themes you would like.  The Genesis Framework rocks. All themes are Search Engine Optimized, professional & sleek and have unlimited support. Jessica has the Developer Option so I had my pick out of all the 35 Genesis Themes for FREE. In fact, Jessica includes your choice of any of the Studiopress themes when you work with her on a WordPress Design. Normally, themes add on an extra $60-$100 on top of the design. I paid $79 for my old theme.

I asked Jessica if she works with other themes besides Studiopress (I was just curious) and she replied:

I’ve worked with all sorts of themes, but after using Genesis, I don’t know why anyone would want to use anything else! A StudioPress theme of your choice is included free with any WordPress design (I have a StudioPress Pro-Plus package which allows me to do this).

My theme is the Family Tree Child Theme and it would cost me $79.95 if I were to buy it on my own. So you can see what a great deal I got just by working with The Pixelista.

I think my favourite part of my new look is my header. It’s pretty and whimsical and captures the image I had in my mind for my site. I also finally have Social Media Icons! I’ve wanted these for so long and love how it shows all your accounts neatly in one area. It’s much less clutter now on the sidebars. That BlogFrog icon she drew the frog free hand! I was impressed. My blog button is also very simple and feminine…definitely more “me”. I also love having more room on my menu bar for more categories.

One thing I really noticed was how meticulous Jessica is and how she pays attention to the little things. I was looking around noticed all the little extras she did. For example, she made me a new button for my PR Friendly Blog Directory, “Your Ad Here” buttons for my Sponsors section on my sidebar  and even made pretty little titles in my About section– all details I never mentioned and she did those for me to complete the look. I appreciate it.

After Jessica was done with my blog makeover, she worked on my Facebook page and Twitter page. I woke up this morning to a complete overhaul on these two accounts as well.  My Facebook page now matches my blog with the new Facebook button and Landing Page. Twitter is limited with their new profile, but Jessica gave me a background to match my blog and added my button so everything is streamlined now. I am so happy with the whole package and can’t say enough good things about working with Jessica at The Pixelista. This girl is amazing!

The Pixelista is truly a “one stop shop”. She offers everything you need as a blogger. I wanted to give you a little more information about the Services and Perks she offers her clients.

  • Blogger Designs: $50
  • WordPress Designs: Starts at $100
  • Web Hosting Packages: ($10/month, $50 for 6 months, $80 for 1 year)
  • Character Illustration: Starts at $80
  • Facebook Profile Image Banner: $20
  • Custom Facebook Landing Page: $20
  • Twitter Profile Customization: $20
  • Favicon: $10
  • Button: $10
  • Signature: $10
  • Social Media Icons: $10
  • Sponsor Section: $20
  • One Time Support Ticket: $50 (For when you are having trouble with your site, you can get an hour of assistance)
  • Logos & Branding
  • Business Branding & Consultation
  • Business Cards and Other Print Media

Right now, she requires a minimum $50 purchase when buying a la carte. I feel her prices are very reasonable and she does quality work.

I know many of you have wondered about going from Blogger to WordPress and I wanted to let you know that The Pixelista does offer Blogger to WordPress transfers. Transfers start at $75, but she is having a special where if you buy a year of hosting through The Pixelista ($80), she will transfer you to WordPress for FREE!!!! That’s awesome and hosting is an expense you would normally have anyways with a move. Blogger to WordPress transfers can get pricey depending on where you go, so this is an incredible value for you.

Another deal she is offering is if you sign up for ANY Pixelista hosting plan and she will install WordPress for you free of charge!

I asked Jessica about her hosting packages and here’s how she explained it to me:

The reason I offer hosting is because I have had many clients in the past express that they’d like to have a self-hosted WordPress blog because of all the great features, but they don’t want to get their hands dirty when it comes to the technical stuff (finding a reliable host, figuring out which plan they need, getting WordPress installed, etc.) It’s true that you can find good hosting for less than the $10 a month I offer (of $6.66 per month of you buy a year of hosting up front), but here is how I explain it to potential customers:

Let’s say you invested a lot of money into a beautiful, custom-built car. Would you trust the maintenance of your vehicle to just any old mechanic and hope for the best, or would you pay a little bit extra for the expertise of the person who built your car and knows its intricacies first hand?

Makes sense to me and I know first hand how confusing it can be trying to talk to Technical Support at the hosting companies I have used in the past. You would be in good hands with her.

The Pixelista also provides Post Launch Support where for 30 days after the launch of your site they will provide a 30 minute (Blogger Designs), 1 hour (WordPress Designs) and 20 minutes (Social Media Profile Designs) follow up session to go over any questions or concerns you’ve discovered after using it for a while.

You can check out more of her designs in her Portfolio. If you are looking for a new look and want a designer who listens, is creative and passionate about her work, is attentive to detail and knows her stuff and is just all round AMAZING, then I fully recommend you contact The Pixelista and get her working on your new design as well!

Connect with The Pixelista on her blog, Facebook, Twitter and website.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample for evaluation purposes. Opinions expressed are based on my own experience*

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