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SeatPak Review

Two of the things that are always plaguing me as a mom of three is – do I have everything and more importantly how am I going to carry it all? Now that Robyn and Liam are older, I can count on them to keep track of some of their stuff, but Erik still relies on me to make sure all of his needs are met when we head out – for a quick trip to the grocery store or an all day event, you want to be prepared, but not overburdened.

So when I received a SeatPak from BabyBindle I had a solution to one of my major issues – The SeatPak let me put 2 diapers, travel wipes, a onesie, a bottle, my wallet, cellphone and a pacifier all in a secure place and attach them right to Erik’s infant seat! It also can be quickly and easily moved to the stroller when I want to leave the carrier at home or in the car. One of the things I like most is that it forces me to be realistic – do I really need 3 outfits, a week’s worth of diapers and the kitchen sink when I go out to the grocery store? It’s lightweight construction makes it perfect for on the go – and the best part is that when I am planning to be out longer, I can slip the entire thing into my diaper bag or backpack and have all of the essentials in one place, ready to make a quick trip to change Erik or find my cell phone without having to dump the entire diaper bag!

While I was testing out the SeatPak, I started wondering who invented it and what had inspired them. I found out that Sandra Frawley’s inspiration had been the same need as mine – to get out of the house with everything she needed and nothing she didn’t.

Like most inventors, Sandra created the SeatPak because she was tired of never having enough hands to carry her larger-than-life diaper bag, the baby in the car seat, her purse, her keys, her cell phone and her other child’s hand. Realizing that she only needed a few things, and that most diaper bags are big enough to fit the entire nursery, Sandra created a versatile diaper bag that attaches to the side of your car seat, stroller or even your purse. (source)

At only 9.5 inches in diameter and 3 inches deep, it may look too small, but it really is just the right size for those quick trips out! The SeatPak is a smart and functional alternative to breaking your back carrying around more than you need and I’d recommend it for any new mom! SeatPak is available in black and white or chocolate brown. You can check out for retailers near you or to purchase directly from them online for just $29.99 + tax and shipping.

Heather Smith is a never-stay-at-home mom of three growing children and a busy wife to Wayne who seems to be even busier than she is.  Originally from Toronto, Ontario she now calls Charleston, SC home. She regularly blogs at and guest blogs about infant products here at

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