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Koobli Review

You know you are a mom when almost all of your clothes have paint, marker, chalk or crayon stains all over it. Fortunately, the award winning Koobli™ comes to the rescue with a really neat cover-up garment that will protect your clothes during all of those fun but very messy occasions.

I used the Koobli™ during our finger painting adventure and was quite impressed with how soft the 100% Microsoft polyester suede fabric was and it is very easy to slip on and simply snap the Velcro at the neck. Living in Florida, we do many of our craft activities outside and I appreciate that the Koobli™ is very light weight and durable so I wasn’t hot while wearing it over my clothes. Best of all, there were no paint marks on any of my clothes as the Koobli™ provides excellent coverage. There are even two handy oversized pockets so I could keep materials handy for our projects. Even though the design is simple, that only enhances this practical and functional garment. I have used this several times since our finger painting adventure and it washed very well on a cold, delicate cycle. You can dry it on low but I just let it air dry and it came out fine (I didn’t iron it either but you can on cool if desired).

Koobli™ comes in two unisex sizes including small/medium and large/XL and in two color choices of “Blueberry” and “Cherry”. I highly recommend having a Koobli™ so that your clothes stay clean which will save you valuable time and energy and make craft time less stressful and more enjoyable.

To purchase the Koobli™ for only $25.00 you can head over to their website now.

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*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes.*


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