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Do You Bake? Review

Whether you love to bake or you’re just learning how, the website Do You Bake? offers a variety of easy-to-prepare mixes and recipes to help you make the perfect snack or meal. I had never heard of Do You Bake? prior to testing a few of their mixes, but I fell in love with the concept of the site. Do You Bake? is more than just a site where you can purchase mixes, however. If there’s a consultant in your hometown, you can Host a Party and earn some free products and get some terrific discounts. Or if you are looking to add to your income, you can become your own boss by becoming a Consultant.

I’m familiar with home parties and becoming a consultant because of companies like Mary Kay and Pampered Chef, so I really wanted to give Do You Bake? a try. For review, I was sent 3 items: Chive & Onion seasoning, Chicken a la Touch of France, and Chocolate & Chips Beer Bread.

When I agreed to do the review, I wasn’t told specifically what I’d be sent and didn’t get to choose what I’d be reviewing. I only knew I’d be sent a seasoning, a rice solution meal, and a baking mix. The 3 items I received aren’t ones I would have chosen for myself and my family, but I gave each and every one of them a fair chance.

First, the Chive & Onion seasoning. I love chips and dips for a snack, and this one is really easy to prepare. Just blend the seasoning in with the suggested recommendation of sour cream, and the dip is ready to be served. My husband sampled this as well, but I ended up eating the majority of it. We both felt that the seasoning wasn’t as packed with flavor as other dips that we’ve brought home from the store. My husband is a bit more picky and opinionated than I am about food, so take from this what you will. I do agree with him that the sour cream flavor was stronger than the chives and onion that we added to it.

The second item I made was Chicken a la Touch of France. Unfortunately I can’t provide a link to exactly what I reviewed because there is nothing on the Do You Bake? website that is called this. I have never before made anything like this dish, so I was really nervous. The way the directions were written did not help to calm me, either. The directions were really general, and I felt that they needed to be more specific. For example, 4 pieces of chicken. It doesn’t say how large the pieces should be, or if they should be boneless or with the bone. I would have been much more comfortable with this recipe if they had specified by weight rather than “pieces”. Additional ingredients were needed for this dish, so I had to dice an onion and a tomato. If I were to make this dish (or a similar one) again, you can bet I’d be buying a pre-mixed can of onions and tomatoes; cutting up an onion was an awful experience for me–I couldn’t stop tearing up! The onion and tomato mixture goes in the center of the dish, and then the pieces of chicken are placed around it. Then the whole dish goes into the oven for close to an hour. The baking time made me nervous as well because smaller pieces of chicken would require less baking time, right? While the chicken was baking, I then prepared the small round balls of pasta. Another gripe: absolutely none of the small bags in this kit were labeled. For some people it might be obvious, but the idea of this site is to make it easy for non-cooks to cook. So yes, labels are necessary! Neither my husband nor I enjoyed this dish very much, and we didn’t save the leftovers. The chicken came out really tough and chewy. I don’t know if it’s because the chicken we bought to use was not good quality, or if the temperature and times for baking were inaccurate. I really think the directions on this kit need to be re-evaluated.

The last item I tested was the Chocolate & Chips Beer Bread mix. My husband hates beer, and I don’t drink it very often. I’m used to my dad’s beer bread recipe–which I love–so I was out of my comfort zone with this one. I don’t think that chocolate and beer are complementary flavors, so not very much of the bread was eaten. This mix yielded 2 mini-loaves. I gave one to my dad to try, but he didn’t seem to like the flavor of it either. The texture was really chewy, which may have been my fault for not baking it long enough.

If you see mixes or meal solutions on the site that appeal to you, I say go for it. Every person has different tastes and levels of baking experience, so you may have a more positive outcome trying it out for yourself. The prices are fair, and there are a lot of mixes and spices to choose from. If you’re still not sure, find a nearby consultant and throw a home party. It’s a great way to get your friends all together in one place.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions based only on my experiences wtih the product.*


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