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Dinosaur Train Easter Review

In my opinion Dinosaur Train is one of the most entertaining and educational children’s shows currently on the air. My children just love all of the Dinosaur Train characters and get excited to watch the latest PBS episodes. In celebration of the Easter holiday season, Dinosaur Train, The Jim Henson Company is releasing Hatchers from Uncle Milton and Dinosaur Train Cake Decorating sets and Dinosaur Train Cupcake Rings from DecoPac.

My kids just loved watching Buddy grow from an egg to 4x his hatched size. We simply placed his egg “gently” in a glass of room temperature water and then watched and waited 24-48 hours for it to hatch. Our egg hatched in 26 hours and 14 minutes according to my children and they were so excited to see Buddy emerge from his egg. Buddy then grew to 4x his original size in water. My three young old son decided that he was in charge of raising little Buddy and whenever he shrinks back to his original size he insists on putting him back in water until he grows again.

What a great gift idea for a special Easter egg hunt or Easter basket and Dinosaur Train Hatchers are currently available at Toys R Us as well as other retailers for only $4.99.

The Dinosaur Train Cake Decorating sets and Dinosaur Train Cupcake Rings from DecoPac are just so adorable and would be a great addition to Easter celebrations or birthday parties. These decorating cake sets and cupcake rings look so adorable and would bring a smile to the face of little Dinosaur fans everywhere.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences wtih the product.*


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