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Borsa Bella Design Review

When I got my nook last October, I spent literally hours Googling to find the perfect case for it. I wanted something stylish that reflected my personality, but I also wanted something that would provide ample cushioning. One of the sites I came across was Borsa Bella Design. I loved the colorful patterns for her e-reader bags, but in the end I made a really hasty decision and ended up with a nook case that I don’t like from Barnes & Noble. If I could do it all over again knowing what I know now, I would definitely choose a Borsa Bella design.

For Christmas my husband surprised me with a MacBook Air and a case for it that wasn’t quite the right size for it. Then we got the wonderful opportunity to work with Borsa Bella on a review. I was eyeing the e-reader bags again, but decided that if I wanted to start working on my computer at coffee shops or diners, I’d need a traveling bag for it because my current case didn’t have a shoulder strap. After going through all the available patterns for the MacBook cases, I happily chose this one to review.

Black and white are classic colors, and can match anything that I wear. My wardrobe contains a lot of black and white pieces as well as grays and blues, so I will always look color coordinated. Additionally this is the cutest laptop bag I have ever seen, and I love it based on its looks alone!

My husband was home and very interested when I received my Borsa Bella computer bag in the mail. One thing you should all know upfront about him is that he researches like crazy before buying any gadget or accessory for said gadget, so I have come to trust his input and advice. Overall, he likes the Borsa Bella bag and agrees that it is really cute, but found a few things about the quality and design that he felt could be improved upon.

His first comment was about the padding on the inside of the bag. He felt the bag needed a bit more inside padding, and that a softer material should be used for the lining that is up against the computer. Then he went upstairs and brought down his own laptop case so that I could feel the difference.

His second comment was about the shoulder strap, and I can definitely agree with him on this. The shoulder strap on his carrying case has a cushioned pad that you can move up and down along the strap that will prevent the canvas strap from cutting into your skin. If you’re walking longer distances with the Borsa Bella bag, I can definitely see how the strap could irritate your skin. I myself have sensitive skin, and will probably see some irritation if I walk a longer distance with the bag in tow.

His final comment was about the placement of the circular hoops that are sewed into the Borsa Bella bag. These hoops are what connects the shoulder strap to the bag. His concern is that over time the canvas that is sewn over the hoops will weaken and it could rip. Then he showed me how the hooks were attached on his bag, and again I had to agree that the Borsa Bella bag could use some improvement in this area as well. I actually had a purse with a similar layout to these hoops, and they did tear. Sadly, I had to throw out the purse.

This bag is really ideal for me because I don’t stray far from home, and the pattern is super cute. There is also a side pocket that I can slip my nook into–and it fits perfectly! My battery life is really long on the computer, so I don’t need to carry around my cords with me if I’ll only be gone an hour or two.

I value my husband’s comments because I think they could help improve the design of this bag, and also inform potential buyers of the pros and cons of this product. Don’t get me wrong–I adore this bag, but I also have to be realistic and accept that it’s more about the aesthetics than it is about the quality. This is a perfectly acceptable bag to use when walking up the street to the coffee shop for some writing time, but is probably one I’ll need to leave behind when traveling or going on longer commutes.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions are based only on my experiences with the product.*


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