Book Review | The Girls from Winnetka


  1. Seems similar to The Divine Secrets of Yaya Sisterhood.. is it?

    • Actually, I’ve never read Yaya (or watched it), but from what I know of it, the concept is somewhat similar, but I wouldn’t say it’s that close. It’s not really a novel within a novel. It’s the stories of a group of friends who are sharing their life journeys…from their teen years through adulthood, and the experiences that have molded who they’ve become. Great book.

      • Thanks for your thoughts on The Girls From Winnetka. It always does the heart good to know we have reached and touched others. We each gained so much from journalling our lives through the decades. It is a valuable exercise.

        One of THE GIRLS … Barbie

  2. Dear Stacie, I loved your review and the discussion which is following. Thanks for reading the book and writing a great review!
    -Marcia Chellis, author

  3. I just recently read this book. I grew up in Winnetka too. I go there most days too as I still have siblings and my parents living there.
    I enjoyed the book for many reasons but also for the fact that I can see a lot of things relating to those who grew up in this town but who did not leave the area or go to the high school featured in the book.

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