Book Review | Altar of Bones

Title: Altar of Bones

Author: Philip Carter

About the Book:

“They didn’t have to kill him…He never drank from the altar of bones.”

Cryptic dying words from a murdered homeless woman in present day San Francisco unlock a decades-buried secret that changed history. Now a pair of ruthless assassins are sent to cut the few living “loose ends.” And a young, resourceful woman on the run encounters a determined man with his own connected past and vengeful agenda. Forced to partner for survival and answers, a fast-paced and deadly game of cat and mouse ensues, taking them across the globe from the winding streets of Paris to the faded palaces of Budapest to the frozen lakes of Mongolia…where destiny, passion, and further betrayal await them.

The Altar of Bones has it all: The Russian mob. KGB spies. Presidential assasination. A doomed Hollywood legend. Deathbed confessions. Corrosive power. Shattered families. Guardians of an ancient religious icon housing a secret others will kill to possess. The dark promise of immortality. And it delivers on its ambitious premise to leave you stunned and breathless at the end.

My Review:

This was quite the book! It literally grabbed me from the first page right until the very end. This book is very fast paced and there’s action on every page. It was not a slow read at all!

It reminded me a little of The DaVinci Code with the hidden icons, conspiracies and all the jet setting to exotic locales. Of course add to that a dash of intrigue and danger and you are in for a wild ride as a reader. There was a lot going on with the plot but the author weaved the story so that it was easy to keep up and know what was going on. I liked that I was left in suspense trying to figure out what would happen next and what everything meant. I could definitely see this book turned into a movie.

My favourite parts were when the main characters Zoe and Riley were in Europe and I was able to live vicariously and feel what it would be like to travel to that part of the world. Mind you I wouldn’t want someone after me trying to kill me!

I would love to know who the author, Philip Carter really is. All I could find out is that he/she is an International Bestselling Author. I googled but came up with nothing. If you know who he/she really is, please let me know!

Read Altar of Bones if you like action and excitement and want a book that will keep you reading into the wee hours of the night!

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*

Stacie Vaughan

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