The Best Places to Take Wild Kids

As a continuation of an earlier post about how I am not the mom I thought I would be (read it here), I decided to share what I do to cope with my kids and their “madness” as I call it. Here are the places I take my kids when they are being wild:

The Best Places to Take Wild Kids


1. Any place with a Bounce House. This is pretty self explanatory. They are already bouncing off the walls so you might as well spend a few bucks and let them do it somewhere other than your living room.

2. The Mall Playland. C’mon, all the kids at the mall playland are wild. It is the place you take your kids because they won’t stop grabbing stuff or asking you to buy them something and you eventually just give up. Half of them are way too old to be playing on a pretend turtle but you can see the parents just don’t care. A friend of mine told me that her mom used to just drop her off there and go shopping. I am pretty sure people still do that.

3. The Drive-thru Carwash. This is very useful for a couple of reasons. First, the kids are locked in their car seats so you are getting some sort of cleaning done, even if it is the outside of your car. That’s more than you were getting done at home with the mess-making machines in full destruction mode! Second, they might like it, mine do, so it makes them happy and in turn you are happy. If they hate it, well then maybe that can come in handy the next time they step out of line! “Don’t make me take you back to the carwash!”

4. Playgroup. Where else can we be around other adults without the overwhelming feeling of shame when our kids are acting like little monsters? At playgroup, we can all relate and laugh when it is not our kid at the moment. And hey, we can still be friends even when it is our kid! If you are not in a playgroup, get in one QUICK! (I suggest and search in your local area.)

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