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Glup Bebe Review

Sometimes it’s nice to have options, and when reviewing the Glup Bebe Drool Bib and Glup Bebe Trimini 3 in 1 from Everything Mom and Baby, that’s the first thing that struck me – they both had great options.

Typical bibs are a one shot deal – they’re bibs, but the Glup Bebe Drool Bib is triangular shaped and can also be used as a do rag, bandana or just an accessory as baby gets older…

Erik is heading into that ubiquitous stage where he’s starting to teethe and drool, so I often want to stick a bib on him to keep him from completely soaking through his clothes, but who wants to see a kid with a bib on 24/7, so the Glup Bebe Drool Bib has started to come in handy.  I can make him look cool and fashionable with a cute little neckerchief that also captures the inevitable drool and is on hand for those spit up emergencies.

The Glup Bebe Drool Bib comes in a variety of colors, we tested the pale blue, which is great for mixing into Erik’s current wardrobe, and if I were to order another one, I’d probably go with the Chocolate Brown Reversible one, just to get some mix and match possibilities. Some of the features that I like include that it’s 100% cotton, washes easily and can withstand a lot of drool.  I also like that I can roll it up a bit to catch the big drool or spit up!

Fortunately, Everything Mom and Baby also sent me the Glup Bebe Trimini 3 in 1, also in light blue, to try out.  This is, for me, primarily a cute little hat, but being 3 in 1, can also be used as a neck warmer (read drool collector) or a balaclava.  Erik has primarily worn this as a hat, and paired with the Glup Bebe Drool Bib, it gives him a cute coordinated look for heading out on the town. The Trimini 3 in 1 is also machine washable, but needs to dry flat, and is a 50/50 cotton/poly blend, which gives it stability, but isn’t quite as soft as the drool bib’s 100% cotton, but it is thicker and warmer.

If you’re looking for a way to break the typical bib habit while your little one needs the coverage, I recommend checking out the Glup Bebe line at Everything Mom and Baby.


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