Book Review | The Dawn Country

Title: The Dawn Country: A People of the Longhouse Novel (North America’s Forgotten Past)

Author: Kathleen and Michael Gear

My Review:

As a young adult, the first book series that I can vividly recall began with “People of the Wolf” by Kathleen and Michael Gear. This story had a lasting impact on me and I devoured numerous more titles over the next few years. Sadly, the hectic pace of life then caught hold of me and between work, home life and raising a family I stopped reading any more of their novels for many years.

Recently I had the opportunity to read two books in the new Iroquois series by Kathleen O’Neil Gear and W. Michael Gear including the latest release-The Dawn Country: A People of the Longhouse Novel (North America’s Forgotten Past). I was very excited to read the authors’ latest works because I had so enjoyed their books in the past. Not only was I not disappointed but I was blown away with their latest books featuring the Iroquois tribes of the 15th century that are warring over lack of food and increasing populations. I continue to be amazed at the brilliance of the writers in their ability to develop characters and create a historical setting that really makes me feel as though I am transported to the time of our “Forgotten People”

The Dawn Country is book two in the Iroquois series and continues the saga of brave young Wrass who is still being held captive by the evil witch, Gannajero and her band of vicious warriors who steals children to sell for the most horrific of purposes. Will Wrass be able to mobilize the other children to rise against Gannajero and make their escape back to the People? My heart ached at the suffering of these innocent children and the fast paced story kept me reading late into the night until I had reached a most satisfying conclusion.

If you enjoy North American prehistory or simply a fantastic novel series that keeps you wanting more then you will not want to miss People of the Longhouse (book 1) and The Dawn Country (book 2).

To learn more about The Dawn Country you are invited to visit the authors’ website.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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