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Title: Blue

Author: Lou Aronica

My Review:

Blue by Lou Aronica is exactly the kind of book I would love to write. It opens your mind to new possibilities, offers hope in times of despair, and will simply leave you breathless and wanting there to be just one more chapter.

And to think I almost turned down the opportunity to review this gem of a book! I didn’t recognize the publisher, the author, or the title of the book and there wasn’t very much about it out there on the internet. Reviews were few, but positive. The skeptic in me figured they were reviews written by only friends and family of the author. Yes, I realize I’m a big jerk for thinking this way, but I’ve been burned before when giving the benefit of the doubt.

I started the book with a mostly open mind, really wanting to give it a chance because Aronica had dedicated so much time for this story. His writing style flows beautifully, the book is almost perfectly edited (which is hardly the case for most little known publishing presses), and the characters are vivid.

Blue is the story of a broken family that has endured some serious heartache. As a young child, Becky was diagnosed with leukemia. At the age of 14, the disease reared its ugly head once more. Becky’s father Chris has lost the connection he once had with his daughter, achingly reflecting on the fantasy world they created together, the one that eased Becky’s pain and kept her mind off of her medication and her disease. But then Becky discovers that the world they thought had just been pretend really isn’t.

Chris can hardly believe it when Becky tells him she has been to Tamarisk. When Becky takes him there and introduces him to the young queen Miea, his heart and mind are completely open. But all is not well in Tamarisk, and together Becky and Chris must come up with a plan to save the dying land–before Becky’s time runs out.

Blue is an utterly satisfying read that will appeal to fantasy lovers who would give their right arm to be able to travel to another plane of existence. This is one you can share with your whole family, perfect for readers of any age.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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