Your LifeBox Offers Students $1000 Scholarships and Social Network to Launch Their Dreams

Sometimes making your dream come true is just as simple as getting the right information or making the right contact, and the popular social networking website,, is doing just that – helping students and young people take proactive steps towards their futures – one dream at a time. Founded by young Internet entrepreneur Jonathan Bullard, (YLB) combines elements of popular social utility websites – but goes further – helping users connect with other members while promoting their dreams through social outreach and providing members with a forum to ask for something non-monetary to make their dreams a reality.

“When I created Your LifeBox I wanted users to have the functionality of popular social utility websites, but with an important twist – to focus on sharing their dreams, passions and ambitions in their profile, with the added benefit to ask for something non-monetary – something practical, like a social connection, opportunity or introduction, to find support from other members to help make their dreams a reality,” says creator, Jonathan Bullard.

In support of student academic goals, Your LifeBox has now launched a program to reward scholarships to participating members, with the first scholarship award of $1000.00 dollars to be given out on a quarterly basis throughout the year.

To enter, users will be asked to fill out a complete profile, post a picture, insert their school into the school section and under YLB wish, type $1000 scholarship. The scholarship winner will be chosen based on their Dream, and how many votes they receive for their profile.

How to win a YLB ( Scholarship

To compete for’s current scholarship award, site visitors are asked to:

  • Log on to and fill out a complete profile, including a picture and dream- Include attended school under the school section on the profile page
  • Insert $1,000 tuition scholarship under the YLB wish section on the profile page
  • Get people to vote on their profile by sharing their dream with everybody in the news

See Your LifeBox Members Broadcast Their Dreams

About Your LifeBox and Founder, Jonathan Bullard boasts a large community with the aim of networking and sponsoring worthymembers in an effort to make their dreams come true. Through the community, members can are encouraged to achieve success and attain the goals they want in their lives.

Visitors at are invited to share, connect and network with members that have similar passions and to find support for their dreams from other members and sponsors. Joining is absolutely free to people 14 and up, and offers a multi-faceted, social utility for members to create their own profiles, make friends, manage their messages, blogs, invites and interactive commentary. Members who share a common goal, concern or interest can create a network of friends and contacts to offer guidance and support to each other, and can also add links to their videos and broadcasts on YLB TV.

Manhattan born Jonathan Bullard was inspired to create based on how so many never have the opportunity to achieve their dreams and reach their full potential, saying, “There are so many talented individuals in the world who have ideas and dreams that never become a reality because they are in an environment that does not support their dreams and hopes. A simple thing like positive encouragement and support can potentially change the world.” And for many, has offered just the opportunities for which they had hoped.

One member of the site dreamed of working in TV and Film, not long after posting his dream he received details about a TV production company in New York, which eventually landed him a job interview and a position with the company. Another member’s dream was to become a physician’s assistant but she needed first to receive volunteer experience and shadow a qualified physician. Her wish came true when another member reached out and put her in touch with a doctor that she could shadow to gain that vital experience.

*This post was sponsored by Your LifeBox.*

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