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Scentsy Review

For years I’ve been hearing about Scentsy, but I never had the opportunity to try it out for myself. A local sales rep, Jodi Westbye, was more than happy to have me over to her home office where I could see all of the products and smell them individually so I could make an informed decision about the products that interested me.

If you are not familiar with Scentsy, it’s a company that is promoted mostly through sales reps located all across the US and Canada who demonstrate the products at home parties. Scentsy has been around since 2003 and began with the idea of an aromatic candle that doesn’t require a wick or fire to burn.

I was really drawn to the idea of wax without a wick because I almost always burn my fingers when I’m trying to light them. The Scentsy wax is so easy to use, and unless you’re being really careless, you absolutely won’t hurt yourself. The Scentsy bars retail for $5.00 each and are divided into equal sections so you can easily break them apart and use them in different Scentsy warmers, or mix the scents together if you’d like.

Jodi sent me home with 3 of the Scentsy bars to try. I had such a hard time narrowing down the scents because there were so many wonderful options available, but I finally chose these 3: Sugar Cookie, Honey Pear Cider, and Flirtatious. The Sugar Cookie scent will make your home smell like there are freshly baked cookies waiting to be eaten in your kitchen. The Honey Pear Cider has a lovely, comforting scent that will relax you. The Flirtatious scent is fun, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed.

The next step was choosing a warmer, but after reviewing my options in Jodi’s store, I already knew which one I wanted to take home with me. I absolutely fell in love with the Lenox. It retails for $30.00, and its color scheme can easily match patterns or colors you already feature in your home. The warmer is really easy to use. Assembly is easy: simply screw in the light bulb that comes with the warmer, set the wax holder on top, plug in the warmer, and slide the switch. The light bulb melts the wax in your warmer, and soon your room will be smelling amazing! The best part is that the Scentsy bars are so affordable, and the scent is long lasting. There is no reason not to buy a few at least to get yourself started. Anytime I am feeling stressed out, am expecting company, or need help concentrating, I fire up the warmer and let the smells overcome me.

Another product that I got to try is the room sprays. The bottles are small, but just one spray will dominate your whole room. I took home the Honey Pear Cider room spray, and it really came in handy! I had to put a work order in to get some repairs done in our apartment, and I am sensitive to the smell of smoke. The maintenance men in our complex reeked of cigarette smoke, and it spread throughout our whole apartment. After they left, I decided to try out the Honey Pear Cider spray. Within seconds, the smoke smell had vanished, and all I could smell was Honey Pear Cider. The room sprays retail for $8.00 each, and come in many tempting scents.

One of the coolest products I now use in our diaper pail is one of the travel tins. There is nothing worse than the scent of old diapers, and no matter what I did, I couldn’t eliminate the scent! Jodi recommended I try one of the travel tins. It’s a small tin that is filled with a scented gel. You decide how much scent you want, and then slide the cover back on the tin to release the appropriate amount of scent. I now keep the travel tin at the bottom of the diaper pail, and while the diaper scent isn’t gone 100%, it’s at least tolerable when we go to take out the full plastic bag. I tried this in Cucumber Lime, and definitely recommend this scent. I would love to have this one as a Scentsy Bar! Travel tins are $5.00 each, and can be hidden easily out of sight in a bathroom, sock drawer, or even gym bag.

My husband has a really bad habit of tossing empty chip bags and soda bottles all over his car floor. Our car no longer has a fresh smell to it, so we have an air freshener hanging from the mirror in his car. We have the Cucumber Lime scent for this as well, because it’s a really light scent and doesn’t smell like a cologne or a perfume.

If you’ve always wondered about Scentsy but never met anyone who tried the products before, rest assured that they work and you will be one satisfied customer. The prices are phenomenal, the products are top notch, and the customer service is beyond compare. Right now Jodi is offering 10% off on all Scentsy products through the rest of February. Some multi-pack items may not apply for this terrific deal. You can access Jodi’s storefront here or through any of the links in this review.

*All products mentioned in this review were provided by Jodi Westbye. I received no compensation for a positive review; all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own based on my experience while using the products.*


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