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I love to experiment and try new recipes for baking. Some of my favorite things to bake include: cookies, banana bread, brownies, and cake. Unfortunately I don’t always have the time to bake from scratch, so a trusted box mix can come in handy for those situations. When Simply Stacie was approached to review for Dassant, I emphatically replied that I would love to sample their products.

The very day I received the box of mixes from my contact at Dassant, I decided to get started baking right away. Because I love brownies and because my favorite brownie mix is actually from a box rather than scratch, I started with the Truffle Brownie mix. The directions were easy to follow, but when I mixed in the eggs with the melted butter, I panicked. The butter seemed to be solidifying before I even got a chance to whisk in the eggs. When Emily emailed me to check in that I’d received the mixes, I asked her about what had happened with the butter and eggs. She was terrific with finding out the answer, so I’ll know for next time what I need to do. The brownies were amazing, even though they sank in the middle. The only other time this has happened to me was with recipes from scratch, and I’d definitely give these another shot to see if I can improve. As much as I wanted to eat the whole pan myself, I shared them with my neighbor and her kids, who also loved them.

The next mix I whipped up was a Cinnamon Chip Bread. My husband doesn’t really like sweets, and out of all of the mixes, I thought he would like this best. There is also a recipe on the back of the box for an icing, so I decided I’d make that too. Mixing everything together and baking it went off with no problems, but I was a little unclear on when I would be able to add the icing. Did I need to take out the loaf first, and then ice it? If the bread was still warm even though the suggested 10-15 minutes on the box had passed, should I take it out? This was also I question I posed to Emily that she answered. I tried taking out the bread when it was still warm, and it started to crumble. In the future, I know to wait until it is completely cooled before icing it, and that it’s up to me if I want to leave it in the loaf pan or if I want to ice it while it’s still in there.

The third mix I baked was the Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cake, which I renamed The Break-up Cake. I was hosting a movie night for some of the girls from my book club, and learned that my friend had just broken up with the guy she had been seeing. I told her to cheer up, and that I’d have a Break-up Cake for her. There isn’t an icing recipe for this cake, so I used a Betty Crocker Cream Cheese frosting and it complemented the cake rather nicely. Even though it’s been over a month since I made that cake, we’re still talking about it. Since the Dassant mixes can only be purchased online on or on Dassant’s website, we agreed we’d split the cost the next time we needed this mix.

The final mix was the Louisiana Banana Bread. I have only made banana bread one other time using a recipe that I found online. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I wanted to try something else. This mix was wonderful, and so moist. I’m almost glad I forgot to serve it at a book club movie night a few nights ago just so I could keep it to myself. My 2-year-old daughter also loves it, and after having one piece this morning with her oatmeal was asking for more banana bread.

Despite the hiccups with my baking, I am really impressed with the quality of the mixes and the help I received from Emily, who took my questions straight to the founder of Dassant, Scotty Mac. I will definitely be getting more of these mixes, and can’t wait to try some of the other mixes they offer.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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