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There are tons of choice when it comes to baby products out there, and new companies trying to “build a better mousetrap” at every turn, so I was somewhat skeptical when Stacie asked me to review a bathtub by Puj. With three kids, I thought I knew what kind of tub worked best for my family – we had a large baby bathtub made out of heavy plastic that had served us well when we bathed Liam and that I kept for Erik,  and I know it works, so I set the bar high for the Puj Tub.

From the Manufacturer:

Baby is Safe and Happy.

Your baby is never happier than when cradled safely in your arms. That’s why the Puj Baby Bath Tub was designed to hold your baby in the same position. Being cradled helps them relax and enjoy the bath. That means…you can too!

Cradles and Protects.

Bathing a slippery baby in traditional baby bath tubs can be extremely challenging. You’re forced to hold the baby with just one arm and use the other arm to bathe. Using the Puj baby bath tub for sink, your baby is supported in an upright position, allowing you to bathe using both hands–with no help from your spouse!

Comforts and Calms.

The super soft flexible material wraps around their delicate body, protecting their skin from any cold surface.


Not only does the Puj Baby Bath protect your baby, but it also keeps them insulated and warm. It is even approved by the Association of Women’s Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses.

My review:

That’s some pretty strong words… my first shock was how the Puj tub came packaged – I honestly thought that UPS was delivering a poster instead of a bathtub – it was a flat box that weighed next to nothing…

Once I opened the Puj tub, I began to understand more about the concept.  Yes, it came flat, but was easy to manipulate into a bathtub shape – this makes it great for storing between baths – I can keep it beside the vanity, ready for use.

It fit into both my bathroom sink and the kitchen sink with ease, and it really did mold to the baby’s body. The other good thing is that since it’s right in the sink, there isn’t a ton of work to empty the tub. It also cleans up easily – you can unfold it and wipe it down, then leave it to air dry and it’s ready for the next bath time.

Erik really likes sitting in the Puj tub – it keeps him at a good incline and makes it easy to wash him and hold on to him at the same time. My only concern is that Erik is a big baby, and he’ll outgrow the Puj tub before he’s able to sit up in the bath, since it is recommended for babies up to 6 months and 17 lbs and he’s already 16 lbs at three months.  He already can pop the bottom of the tub by kicking it at the right angle… which drains the tub… luckily, it’s easy to put back together and even easier to add water.

If you’re looking for a space-saving way to bathe your baby or a really cool looking shower gift, than you should check out the Puj tub at

About the reviewer:

Heather Smith is a never-stay-at-home mom of three growing children and a busy wife to Wayne who seems to be even busier than she is.  Originally from Toronto, Ontario she now calls Charleston, SC home. She regularly blogs at and guest blogs about infant products here at

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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