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Mr. Clean Review

So many of my friends love to clean, but I absolutely hate it! Any excuse I can find to do something else, I’ll take it. But I recently discovered that part of the reason I wait so long between cleanings is because I didn’t like the products I was using. Since we live in a townhouse, the bathrooms are really small and there are no windows that I can open to let in fresh air while I’m spraying and wiping down sinks, toilets, and tubs. So then then chemical smell is making its way into my lungs and I get a headache and have a hard time breathing.

Then a new Mr. Clean product became available for review, and I was desperate to try something new. The Mr. Clean Bath Cleaner with Febreze sounded like a great replacement for my all-purpose 409. I liked that it has all the germ fighting capabilities and would have a fresher scent that wouldn’t overwhelm me. I’ve been using it now for a few weeks, and I’m really happy with how it smells. I still can’t be in the smaller bathroom with it for too long because there is still a bit of a chemical smell, but it is definitely an improvement! Hopefully future versions of this same product will be able to eliminate that all together. It’s so nice to be able to use the bathroom after I’ve cleaned it and can smell that it’s aired out nicely.

Another product I was thrilled to try was the Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. Cleaning tubs is one of my least favorite things to do, and soap scum can build up really quickly. Finally I got tired of staring at my dirty tub and thought I would put the erasers to the test. They are awesome! While I did have to apply some pressure, the scum wiped off really easily and didn’t leave behind any staining from the disaster I’d created for myself. I will definitely be using these erasers again when I need them.

My opinions haven’t changed any on cleaning–I still don’t like doing it! But at least I have some great products on hand to help me get through.

*I did not receive any financial compensation for this review, though I did review a sample of the product for evaluation purposes. The opinions within are based only on my experiences with the product.*


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