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Media Kit Quick Sheet Review

Having a Media Kit is essential if you are working with companies doing reviews and giveaways. It saves you from having to type the same information over and over again in an email (been there done that – not fun). A shorter version of your Media Kit is called your Quick Sheet. It includes all your important information on one page and covers the basics and most important information about your site.

Kelli at 3 Boys & A Dog now offers Media Kit Design. She recently made me a Quick Sheet and I thought she did a fantastic job! She captured just the look I wanted and made it match my site. It was a very painless process. I gave her my site info including stats, mission, bio, price list and the end result is beautiful. I love how she compacted a large amount of info into one sheet without making it appear cluttered. It’s very organized and easy to read and will give PR a snippet of what my site is all about.

Kelli offers two styles: Quick Sheet and the full Media Kit.

  • The Quick Sheet includes the most relevant info on one page and is $60.
  • The Complete Media Kit includes the works- all the important information that a company would need to know about your site. The price is $50 for the first page and $25 for each additional page. Kelli will hang onto your design for one year. If you want to make changes, she will update your stats, links, email for $25 (not design). Your year will restart at the time of your updates. An average Media Kit runs about 16 pages and you can add a Quick Sheet to your package for just $25.

If you are interested in having Kelli make you a Quick Sheet or a Complete Media Kit or have any questions, please contact her at


She did a great job with mine! Thanks Kelli!

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*

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