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Title: Larkspur Cove

Author: Lisa Wingate

My Review:

A very believable story line, beautifully written. Characters you can relate to and dialog that flows naturally, Lisa Wingate writes a marvelous story. One woman looking to start over, one man running from a family tragedy, one child nobody seems to know anything about. Deserving of the words of praise on the cover, this is one book worth taking the time to read.

Andrea Henderson takes her son home, to Moses Lake, Texas, to start over after her divorce. To say the least, he’s not impressed with this tiny town, at first. His getting into trouble on her first day of field work with the local social services agency doesn’t help either. Game Warden Mart McClendon catches him somewhere he shouldn’t be and gives him an ultimatum, take a boating safety course or find yourself in front of a judge. Andrea and Mart butt heads at first but find themselves strangely attracted to one another.

When a mysterious child is seen with a local trapper, Andrea and Mart find themselves looking into how and why she got to be there. Does she need to be rescued and does poor old Len have secrets nobody in their town knows about? Mart agrees to help her keep in touch with Len, as the old man has no phone and leaves the house early in the mornings to check his fishing lines and traps. Their lives become more and more tightly intertwined but Andrea doesn’t want to take another chance at love, even though Mart is willing to take the risk of losing someone else he cares for.

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