The Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers Review

When my sister and her husband announced that they were expecting our family was beyond thrilled. We has just lost our grandmother and a whole bunch of other things at the same time so this was news that was well welcomed.

As her pregnancy went on we were informed that she would be using cloth diapers. I had not used them with Sadie and mom had used them with us but that was 30 years ago when you pinned them with safety pins and soaked them in the toilet before washing. Needless to say we didn’t quite give her the support she wanted at her news. Once she introduced us to the whole cloth diaper thing and showed us all the different parts and patterns we felt more at ease that we would be able to handle it ..and I have to say there are some really cute patterns out there.

Being a new mommy and a new cloth diaperer she has a lot of research to do herself and is still learning day by day what works and what doesn’t. She is still in full swing with cloth diapers and she was beyond excited when I told her that Stacie asked me what I thought about doing a cloth diaper event. As the diapers started coming in in all makes and models there were times when she was as confused as me. If it wasn’t for Autumn Beck and her amazing “The Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diaper” I still would be sitting here baffled.

If your a new cloth diaperer, an experienced cloth diaperer or coming back into cloth diapering after a few years, this guide has everything you need to get started or refreshed. You will learn about why Autumn Beck chose cloth over disposable, the nasty chemicals in disposable diapers, why cloth is better for the environment, how to chose what cloth diapers are best for you, the different types, makes and models, troubleshooting and way way more. My favourite part of the whole guide is the cloth diaper terms and acronyms. I was completely lost when looking for diapers for review and what all the terms meant…now you can ask me anything and I feel confident that I could name them all..well..almost all. You will enjoy and learn tons in all 16 chapters. Even after a couple of months of cloth diapering, my sister was amazed at how detailed this guide was and even answered some of her unanswered questions she had had since she began her cloth diaper journey. And I must say…I have the cutest little niece with the cutest little bunz in town.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*