Safia Skin Care Review

Safia Skin Care was launched in April 2010 with a mission to provide only the most natural of beauty products, entirely free of ingredients that don’t belong on your skin or that could potentially harm it. Safia means “pure” in Arabic, and when you look at the ingredient list, you will recognize most–if not all–of the vitamins and minerals that have been put into this product.

I have freakishly dry feet, no matter what I try. To try and add the moisture back into my feet, I’ve used all sorts of creams, lotions, and foot soaks, but none of them have provided me with a permanent solution. After reading about Safia products on their website, I was more than willing to give the Chocolate Body Scrub a shot with my dry skin.

The Chocolate Body Scrub is just one product from the Chocolate Spa Collection, and is available on the site for $22.00 for an 8 oz. jar. Since I received it, I have done two of my normal foot soaks (15-20 minute soaks with a foot softening Sally Hansen product) followed by chocolate body scrub, and then completed with a cream. Unfortunately for my feet, the effects of this treatment only seem to last about a day or two before I need to do it again. I am attributing this more to my feet than I am to the products not working. In the course of using the scrub on my feet, my hands also got a healthy dose of it. They are left feeling soft and smooth for days. The best–or maybe worst–part about this is that product smells good enough to eat! I kept wanting to dig in with a spoon rather than with my fingers!

I definitely recommend the Safia Skin Care products, and would love to try more of their products–especially the ones that are designed just for feet.

Right now Safia Skin Care is offering free shipping on all orders over $40, as well as 30% off your entire order with the code Take30. Don’t forget to sign up on their homepage for their newsletter for exclusive deals and promotions.

*I was not financially compensated for this post. I received a sample of the product for review purposes. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.*


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