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Reviews & Blogging 101 | Where Are The Best Spots To List Your Giveaways?

Simply Stacie: I always list mine at Online Sweepstakes and it brings in lots of traffic. Sometimes, I will enter a giveaway too on blog giveaway linkys. I usually go through the list of blog linkys I have on my site.

Survey Junkie: I list my giveaway’s on Online Sweepstakes, and occasional giveaway link ups. You can link up every Monday at Survey Junkie for The List… Monday Giveaway Link Up . Other than OLS,  Twitter is my 2nd top traffic source so sending out occasional tweets is a good idea .

Outnumbered 3 to 1: I use Online Sweepstakes, Prizey, Sweeps Advantage and other blog giveaway linkys. I’ve compiled a list of blog that host linkys here

Laughing Lindsay: I love OLS – I’ve been a member of the site for years.

Boobies, Babies & A Blog: ANYWHERE is a good spot in my opinion!

Mommy PR:, Tip Junkie, & OLS (and of course your own feed!)

Dear Crissy: Dear Crissy’s top three traffic results for contests are: Online-SweepstakesBlog Giveaways, and Prizey.

Between the Lines: I try to list my giveaways in as many spots as possible.  I, of course, always have a running list on my sidebar and promote on Facebook and Twitter.  I also add my links to various giveaway linkys.  This is a good a way to advertise your giveaway and to draw in new readers.

Thanks, Mail Carrier: definitely my top contest site. Twitter and Facebook actually bring in a large amount of visitors for me as well.

Sunshine Praises: I am still working on this. I really haven’t found alot of them to be exceptionally helpful. Blog to blog posting or on FB seem to bring the most traffic.

Acting Balanced: I find that listing my giveaway with other bloggers who also do giveaways is what best drives my traffic.

Still Blonde After All These Years: (even though some argue it takes to long to list for the traffic), Sweepstakes Advantage, Online Sweepstakes, I often send my post to Simply Stacie for her Monday Giveaway post feature, I recently have been listing my giveaway on Bold E-zine, and Blog Giveaways, I always consult my very own “Sites to list your Giveaway” page to make sure I haven’t missed anything, I always “Link up with a Blonde” on my own site, and I hope you will too!

Aubut Family: I LOVE

Little Yayas: I like to list my giveaways at OLS. Most of my giveaway traffic comes from OLS (Online Sweeps) and twitter. If you want to maximize your giveaway listing traffic, list your giveaways each day on daily giveaway linkys and in contest posting forums (such as MBC & TPRP). There are also several lists where you can find these weekly link ups on blog sites. For example Stacie has a large list you can find here This one is a great site to check out too

Eighty MPH Mom: Online-Sweepstakes, Sweeps Advantage, Contest Girl, Mommy PR and lots of linkys.

Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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