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Reviews & Blogging 101| What Elements Should Each Review Blog Have?

Simply Stacie: Every blog should have a way for people to subscribe by email. Get a Feedburner account set up that option for your readers. I like Google Friend Connect, Twitter and Facebook since many companies and PR look at your followings there as well as your blog traffic. You also need an About page and a Contact page (or else put your email in a prominent position on your site).

Survey Junkie: A visible way to be contacted I think is very important. Either a Contact Me tab or just a link at the top of your blog or sidebar area. Not everyone does social media and not everyone likes receiving emails, especially daily so offering as many ways possible to view your blog is best. ( Email, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, GFC ). Any of these that you have should also be displayed where people can find them to follow or grouped together and not scattered all over. These are helpful to you and your readers because the more you have the more reach you have so sponsors will be interested in working with you and if their easy to find people are more apt to follow.

Outnumbered 3 to 1: I think you should utilize all of the tools that you can to get more exposure for your site. I have email and feed subscriptions, Google Friend Connect, Facebook Fan Box, Networked Blogs and Twitter among others.

Laughing Lindsay: Ways for readers to connect with you outside your blog (like social media buttons), blog button and coding for people to grab it.

Boobies, Babies & A Blog: GFC to me is numero uno! Email subscription boxes are also crucial, as subscribers don’t miss out on anything that way.

Mommy PR: Feed by Email, GFC, Twitter & Facebook (Facebook Groups are nice to have because you can send out mass messages. Such as “Great new giveaway up!” “Christmas Showcase is now up”)

Dear Crissy: Different people like to receive information in different ways. I think that Twitter, Facebook, Google Friend Connect, and traditional RSS/email subscription methods are a must. Be sure to give your readers the option to subscribe via email, and start using Feedburner if you aren’t already.

Between the Lines: I think every Review blog should have a way to subscribe to the site.  Whether it be through email, GFC, or RSS Feed, it helps keep track of who is reading and what they are interested in.  It also seems to me that many companies are interested in how many followers you have, as well as how many unique visitors you have on a weekly basis.  I believe that it is very important for review blogger to have a way to keep track of their visitors.  StatCounter is a great way to do this.

Thanks, Mail Carrier: Google Friend Connect, email subscription, RSS subscription, direct link to Twitter and Facebook fan page accounts, a list of current giveaways, a link to either a full list of winners or to all of the winner announcements.

Sunshine Praises: Not that I have surpassed 500 on FB, I am trying to rotate what I ask the reviews to have.  However I feel that each blog needs GFC, Twitter and FB.

Acting Balanced: I think that sponsors look for good tracking numbers, so all subscription options are good ways to keep your readers – I think that increasingly I’m finding twitter is one of my best ways of finding new readers.

Still Blonde After All These Years: 1)The usual : Email Subscription (on the blog sidebar), GFC (on the blog sidebar), RSS (on the blog sidebar), Stumble upon (on every post), Facebook Like (on every post), Tweet (on every post)

2) List all your giveaways on your sidebar in the same spot all the time

3) Have a Facebook page which you post all your giveaways to

4) Tweet all your giveaways

5) List all your giveaways on all the major listings sites

6) Have a newsletters which features your latest giveaways

7) Multiple entries on your giveaways to help people to feel more involved 

8)Keep your blog clean and simple

9) Provide depth to your blog if possible, ie. not just giveaways

10) Winners clearly posted either on a tabbed page or within a findable post

11) I prefer to communicate on a regular basis with my entrants, so a lot of my giveaways involve email entry so that I can chat with those who enter

12) Reliable sponsors who ship prizes quickly and correctly

13) Fun Winner Notifications–We do a LIVEstream Blog Meet-up on the side of the blog when announcing winners with attendance prizes.  The readers LOVE it.

14) Finally, continually strive to make readers feel that you consider them more than “a page view”.  Make sure they understand that they matter and you want them to be a regular reader.

Aubut Family: Every review blog should have email subscription, Twitter, GFC, and Newsletters!

Eighty MPH Mom: Every review blog should have a Search Bar!  Also, make sure you group your social network icons.  There is nothing worse than having to search all over a blog, up and down to find Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Little Yayas: If you want to optimize your blog, it is best to have all the social media affliations and outlets you can.

  • Twitter: Great way to quickly and daily promote your site and your published posts. Have a button linking to your twitter so that people can easily find you on twitter and follow you.
  • Facebook (I don’t have this yet): Very popular and largely used by companies.
  • Email subscriptions: Great way for people to get your updates and see what is going on your site, especially if they are not able to visit your site everyday. Great to have a link to your facebook page so that you can easily be found and followed.
  • GFC: Great way to gain followers/readers. Companies like to see that you have a large size audience.
  • Logo Buttons: This is great for advertising. People can grab your Logo Button and place it on their site, which will help with exposure and traffic. Also great for posting in forums and groups you are a member of.
  • Your Social Media Links: Great to have buttons linking to your  Stat Button: Buttons like Alexa, PR (not that Google is updating it), Blog Grade, Subscriptions, readers, Twitter followers, Facebook follower, etc. This is great when companies are looking at your site to work with you. It gives them a feel of how working with you and your site will benefit them. It also saves the time of them emailing you asking you for this information that is on the homepage of your site.

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