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Reviews & Blogging 101 | How Do You Handle Negative Reviews?

Simply Stacie: This is a tough situation. My policy for product reviews is to contact the company or PR and tell them about my experience. I give them the option of whether they want the review to be posted. So far, the answer has always been no and for the most part were appreciative that I gave them the choice. I have only had one person get extremely upset when told that the reviewer had a bad experience with the product. Book Reviews are different though. Book Reviews I publish the good, the bad and the ugly since books are so subjective anyways. What one person likes another person may not.

Survey Junkie: I try my best not to review anything that I think that I won’t like and try to review things that I like and am actually interested in. If I prepare a review that I think a sponsor may not like I give them the option to have me post or not. If a product were unsafe or if I felt it was something dangerous and could harm others than I would post a warning on my own and not as a review.. If I get the wrong size, color or something that I personally do not like and wouldn’t wear I then look at it and find the qualities that I think others may like and keep the review more facts than opinion.

Outnumbered 3 to 1: I can usually tell if I like something, so I won’t agree to review it if I don’t think it’s a good fit for me or my family. However, if I do happen to try something that I just really don’t like, I will let the company/PR firm know that I cannot write a good review about the product. It has only happened to me a couple of times, so each time I asked the company if they’d still like me to write a review. One time I did, another I didn’t post anything.

Laughing Lindsay: I contact the sponsor first to tell them the problem(s). Then, we discuss what to do about it.

Boobies, Babies & A Blog: I don’t give a good review if it’s not deserved. Being honest in reviewing is first and foremost in importance to me. I will call out any negative aspects in the politest and most tactful way.

Mommy PR: Every blogger is different. We give the client an opportunity to correct things. Perhaps we received a bad bottle, or it was broken on arrival, etc. We offer to test another or send it back. Sometimes if its just the product itself was just not parent/user friendly, then we offer to post honestly or not post but always give the feedback & discuss our thoughts to the company.

Dear Crissy: Wow, dealing with negative reviews is a challenge. When there are one or two aspects of a product that I am not happy with, I simply include those thoughts within my review, along with highlighted positive aspects. Since the purpose of a review is to inform potential shoppers (who are also your trusting readers), you definitely need to be prepared to tactfully offer your genuine opinion, good or bad. If you find a serious, glaring issue with a product, you might want to present the issue to the company’s customer service team ensure there is no defect involved. You may also find this response from customer service useful if you have to publish a particularly negative review.

Between the Lines: I have never posted a negative review.  Although I have come across a few products that may not be to my particular liking, I know that others feel differently.  In those case, I tend to write an overview about the products using facts from their website.  If I ever do come across a product that is poorly made, I would probably email the company with my concerns and see how they want to proceed.  Most companies would probably rather you wrote nothing than post something negative.

Thanks, Mail Carrier: If I have a problem with the item, I always let the company or PR know prior to publishing or even writing my review. I have had some respond that they would rather I just not write the post and some that still want to see what constructive criticism I have to share that they can learn from. Either way, I feel that it is their right to know that the product isn’t working out for me and, as I won’t write about something that I wouldn’t actually recommend, only fair of me to let them know why.

Sunshine Praises: Since I am so new, I have yet to have a negative review.  However, I have thought about what I would do. I think that I would tell the company that I did not feel I could do a positive review on their product and explain why.  I would be willing to return the product but not at my own expense. If their were simply things that I thought that could be improved or that I felt did not suit me, I would include those in the review.

Acting Balanced: I contact the company/PR rep and ask them if they want to preview my review if it is entirely negative or I will not recommend the product to my readers.  I am honest and upfront and let my sponsors know that I will not sugar coat issues that I find.  I try to present balanced reviews and offer constructive suggestions if they are appropriate.

Still Blonde After All These Years: We do not post negative reviews.  Our blog recommends products that we feel are FAB for our readers.  When we get products to review that we don’t think our readers will ADORE, we simply contact the company/Public Relations firm and tell them the following:

“Thanks for sending us “Product X”.  Unfortunately at this time, we cannot give “Product X” a positive review because of….(insert reasons).  Still Blonde after all these YEARS only posts positive reviews, we do not post neutral or negative reviews.  That way all our readers know that anything that is reviewed on our site comes with our highest recommendations.  We hope you understand.”

We do not return products that have received a negative review (although one time we did return a very expensive piece of jewelry).

Aubut Family: I do not do negative reviews. I make it clear in my pitch letters and to anyone who contacts me that I will only endorse products that I have tried (And LIKED!) myself. I have no obligation to post unless I like it and feel comfortable recommending their product/shop to others.  There have been a couple of times I have received products that did not live up to my standards, and I have declined to review.

Eighty MPH Mom: I handle negative reviews by first contacting the rep, telling them my concerns, and then giving them the option for me to not post at all, or to include my dislikes in the review, as well as that things I like.

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