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My Top 20 Sites That Referred the Most Traffic in 2010

Every month I participate in a meme called Blogger Appreciation Day hosted by Kelli at 3 Boys and a Dog. It’s where you share the top blogs that referred you the most traffic for the previous month. I thought I would do something a little similar, but this time share with you the top sites that referred me the most traffic in 2010.

It’s interesting to see what the top sites where and some of them actually surprised me a little.  I use Google Analytics to track my stats. I am missing about a month of info from June when Google Analytics decided to uninstall itself from my site, but I think the order would probably be about the same anyways.

Top 20 Sites that Referred the Most Traffic in 2010

  1. Online Sweepstakes: 32,584 visits – the BEST spot to list your giveaways.
  2. 17,172 visits
  3. Facebook: 10,211 visits- get a Fan Page for your blog if you don’t have one yet!
  4. Google: 10,205 visits
  5. Twitter: 10,086 visits
  6. Networked Blogs: 4,482 visits
  7. My old blogspot blog: 2,706 visits- it’s still sending me traffic
  8. Swagbucks: 1,565 visits – maybe this is through their search engine? I don’t use Swagbucks.
  9. 1,125 visits- the Canadian Google 🙂
  10. My Wee View: 1,065 visits- the only blog to make the top ten and my fellow Fun Follow Friday co-host
  11. Stumble Upon: 912 visits- just started actively using SU in the late Fall
  12. Social Media Explorer: 812 visits- they wrote about my old blogspot blog being in the top Blogger blogs and I am getting traffic all the time from that post.
  13. Little Yayas: 811 visits- I did a few events with Cindi in 2010
  14. Giveaway Scout: 717 visits
  15. Prizeatron: 647 visits
  16. Blog Frog: 628 visits- I have a Blog Frog Community
  17. I Am A Writer, Not A Reader: 620 visits- I participate in her Book Giveaway Hops
  18. A Journey of Books: 612 visits- This one was the blog who ran BlogFest
  19. International Giveaways: 572 visits
  20. Mom Bloggers Club: 514 visits

What sites made your top 20? If you want to do a similar post on your site where you share your top 20 sites for 2010, please feel free to add the post link to the linky below for us to check out.


Stacie Vaughan

Stacie is the mom of two girls and lives in Ontario, Canada. She enjoys cooking/baking, photography, reading, DIY and is fueled by lots of coffee!

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