Book Review | The Price of Revenge

Title: The Price of Revenge

Author: Dennis Vaughn

My Review:

I enjoy a good suspense novel – in fact one of the things I was looking forward to the most over the Christmas holidays was a chance to sit back, relax and enjoy some novels in my favourite genre! I’d been wait to read The Price of Revenge by Dennis Vaughn and I was really looking forward to it. According to the back of the book, the novel focusses on a lawyer named David, his girlfriend Ellen and some turbulent issues surrounding David’s investigation of the misspent funds at the Denver City Ballet. I couldn’t wait to read it!

The novel begins with David trying to start a routine investigation for his client after a dispute is uncovered surrounding monies alloted to the Denver City Ballet. David, a lawyer, is dating the granddaughter of the firm’s leader so he has to work hard to balance his personal life with his professional life when he learns that the issues surrounding the money may be tied to members of his own firm. David is also leery because he is up for a partnership in the firm and he doesn’t want to lose that career foothold. If that wasn’t enough, David is a rather amourous fellow and he is then blackmailed by a member of his firm who has videotape from an elevator in the building (David is being “serviced” by his girlfriend). While David is mortified, he carries forward and takes what he sees to be the moral highground. In the end, he leaves the firm and begins working for its rival. He has now married his girlfriend but she still has issues because of her conflicted loyalties between her husband and her grandfather. She begins having an affair with her psychiatrist, has a breakdown, has to face the fact her husband decides to sue her psychiatrist and then becomes a suspect when the psychiatrist is murdered. Yes….this all takes place in the same book!

I must admit, I’m torn about this novel. There are portions of it that I really like. I like the characters of David and Ellen. I find them engaging and I become interested in what happens to them. Unfortunately, the plot of this story just has too much to it!  I found the portion of the novel that relates to the fraud quite interesting and I wish that would have been its focal point. Instead, it is almost as if Vaughn runs out of steam with that element of the plot so he has to start a second plotline in the same novel.

The Price of Revenge by Dennis Vaughn definitely has some interesting elements. While I found that the novel takes on too much (which takes away its focus), I liked the characters and found elements of the novel quite engaging.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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