Book Review | Daddy by Default

Title: Daddy by Default (Zane Presents)

Author: Pat Tucker

My Review:

I will begin this review by saying this IS MY LIFE…..dealing with paternity fraud and 3 people who are trying to keep the truth (to this day) from coming out. The repercussions this places on EVERYONE is horrible……from the “man” who is paying for it, down to the 2nd families, to the children who are being LIED TO. Every MAN who has kids, are going to want kids, have dealt with a woman should read….just to know what COULD happen…. There is only ONE WAY a man knows the children he is raising is his, and that is a DNA test…a womans word is not sufficient enough in some cases. Now, I will say that not ALL women are like this……but you need to really look at dates and things before you start singing at the roof tops that you are having a baby. A woman knows a child is hers, she has it inside her body…but what does a man have they are HIS? Our word only…….and that is suppose to be sufficient enough?

Paternity Fraud is not an easy thing to deal with, and for those of you who have no idea what that is…it is where a woman (married or not) goes out, sleeps with someone else, and the person she chooses, oftentimes the one who has the most money……is the one who pays the price for it all. Yet in our case, we DON’T have money to take it back to court, and when you are married…..well men, lets just say you are screwed because the LAWS are for the woman, never the man.

The storyline starts out getting to know the characters…Parker and his wife just had another miscarriage, and on the way home…he was arrested, FOR NOT PAYING CHILD SUPPORT. Parker kept telling everyone he does not have kids, but they did not care, he was listed and owed a ton of money. He spent time in jail, had to hire an attorney…and when the judicial system didn’t do anything to help him (OH HOW I KNOW THAT…..) then he took matters into his own hands by finding the woman in question.

The story goes through Parker and trying to find out what happened, how he got to this place in his life when he doesn’t even know the person who is accusing him of this. Ultimately the children were taken away from the mother….and things were starting to come out. The sad part is, when they went to court at the last of the book…the court system would not do anything to help him….it was too bad so sad for Parker because he did not do what HE needed to do in enough time. How jacked up is our legal system to do this to an innocent person?

Then, James and his wife had a child (friends of Parker and his wifes)…down the line they were getting divorced and he needed to get some things checked out with his medical insurance. After the blood tests, he found out his daughter was really not his “daughter” after all, and his wife, who happens to be involved in Parkers story and why that happened to him…had lied to him for well over 6 years, all because she didn’t want him to know she wasn’t “his”.

The lengths women go to in order to keep things under wraps is remarkable…the things they will do to protect their lies and lives. Much like Parkers story, ours will never change… The Federal Government ultimately has paid this woman to commit fraud…and what can we do about it, absolutely NOTHING.

I hope for those that do read this book, you take a deep look at the meaning and what happens to some people. We can never get back what was stolen from us, or anything else that she has gotten in all of this. This book is a total must read for every man…whether they like to read or not. Start a mans book club and read this book….I am telling you it is a necessity in this day and age, arm yourselves with the knowledge of what MIGHT happen. You do not want to spend 20 years dealing with PATERNITY FRAUD and crap from a lying ex….and spending thousands of dollars on something someone ELSE did.

*I received a copy of this book to review but I was not financially compensated in any way. The opinions expressed are my own and are based on my observations while reading this novel.*


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