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AM2K Takes Kid’s Songs to the Next Level

There’s some songs that play on the radio that I would not want my kids singing along to. Some of the songs have a sexual context and I cringe hearing my kids sing along. Mind you they don’t understand the meaning and they aren’t swear words by any means, but it’s still not age appropriate music especially for a 6 year old girl.

Bridget was blessed with a beautiful singing voice and we aren’t sure where it came from. She loves to sing and dance and wants to take piano. Olivia, who is 12, is a talented guitar player and loves music as well. She will be 13 year this year so has older taste in music than her sister, Bridget.

What I have noticed is that there’s a gap between music for babies and music for older kids and Bridget is right in the middle.  Where is pop music that suits someone her age? She doesn’t like the baby stuff and other types of music might be a little old for her.  That is why AM2K’s Kids Pop 2.0, Music for Generation Z “The Digital Natives” is perfect for her! This is a company who aims is taking kids songs to the next level.

Their music is designed for 4 to 12 year olds (and their parents) to enjoy. The music is fun and upbeat and will get your kids moving and dancing. It’s music for kids and by kids. The singing is all done by children!  I like that their songs are all positive messages like eating healthy, having self-esteem and just plain having fun.  You can check out their site and preview the songs before you buy. The CD is available for purchase online for $5.

Visit AM2K to learn more about their selection of kid’s music or to purchase. Their site is

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